"Release the Compiler"
 The Jane compiler is now on-line 


The online "compiler maker" will show the basic structure of the compiler and permit everyone to test their own modifications to the syntax of the language and to try the enhancements I have added.

My first goal is to allow everyone to make suggestions on how to make changes to compiler theory, whereby we can remove the need for user functions. A good example of this is "music", we have symbol's definition beginning at 2000BC, formalized in 14th century. Modern computers do not have a font for music symbols, UNICODE has defined a code for music symbols, but we have nothing to see. Suggestion ONE, add a text based font library system into Jane (the compiler). Music is an example of a  programming tool that should be built into Jane, lets make it so...


I am looking for Investors (or a country in need of technology)

The purpose of "Jane" is two fold. The first primary purpose is to reduce the time it takes to develop software from years to minutes. The second purpose is to make use of our computers by removing all  unnecessary software, and permitting 100% use of all hardware.  "Jane" is infinite in size, has no limitations, and is a system that is accumulative and permanent. No more proprietary hardware, software, or information structures. Software that cannot break. I see no limits on what Jane could do, Air traffic control system in a few hours, Flight control system in minutes, Accounting System in seconds. I am looking at a system that is accumulative, to have all the basics of software written by professionals for "Jane" not for specific applications.

The "Jane" Language is a hybrid  emulator, compiler, assembler, and natural language interface.   The basis of the language is JavaScript syntax, with enhancements for speed, security, functionality, and reduction in statements. The assembler uses JavaScript syntax for 100% CPU op-code access, permitting the development of BIOS, Bootable Images, windows forms, databases, editors, games and speed sensitive applications at the machine instruction level. At the higher level, natural language.. take two days to figure out how, then run...

The language is designed to quickly write operating systems, databases, device drivers, BIOS, browsers, and use them as standalone applications, emulated inside our existing browsers, and as a bootable image running on any processor.  You will be able to development software for any platform using a single 64bit environment without the need for documentation, "Jane" will do what you tell her to do... superior communication.... there are no magic words...

List of Compiler Enhancements

July 27, 2017 Software Methodologies -- Removing the use of functions on youtube

July 10, 2017 Software Development -- Numbering Systems, Reuse of Code, Dependencies, Communication and Terms on youtube

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