The end of  software development

Software development with no limits. Produce an infinite number of statements without adding complexity. Program once, use everywhere. Logic: security, I/O, forms, dialogs, schedule, bids,... shared across all applications. Programming that is accumulative and permanent.

In January 2014 I started looking at software development to remove the limitation on the number of lines of code an application could have. I solved that problem by removing all dependencies and removing the need for documentation. The management of software logic revolves around the changeability of logic and our lack of being able to describe or document logic. Next I needed to solve how to provide a language needed to communicate to the computer. I solved this by having a dynamic parsing and reduction scheme which permits language extensions.  Next was to solve the storage and knowledge retrieval, which I term Memory, which unlike a database is responsible for all aspects of terms and words, their context, and their relationship to other terms.

What this means is that a single system would be able to control all information for an entire country.  The first three words Logic, Memory, and Communication are the technical methods of creating a self sustaining system.  The remaining words are an attempt to change the software development methods of design, to remove the technical jargon from the design process and use words that have already been created to define logic.

Prediction: Assuming this works, then there is a possibility for software that controls all traffic within a year: self driving cars - no stop signs or traffic lights - controlled flow - no accidents -  minimum material cars. (300 lb cars) - higher speeds - controlled air space - air delivery (food stuff) - more air traffic. An inter-connected traffic system, not just 1 car driving itself, all cars driving each other.

The April 2015 Newsletter is available

"Max"  Machine Accessible Intelligence:  A Infinitely Large Application Compiler
A bi-level natural language compiler tied directly to the database of knowledge.  A machine code compiler with direct access to the hardware
Demonstration Software will soon be available (3rd Quarter 2015)

  • Logic
    To have the ability to call upon logic it must have a permanent location, no versioning, complete independence, requires no documentation, and has no limitations

  • Memory
    To have an infinitely large application there can be no limits on the number of lines of source code, on the database size, or on the size of the data structures. I have removed the limitations on the lines of code in an application, I have removed all limitations on the size of the database and the data structures

  • Communication
    A language to call to action. An understanding between two parties on the meaning on the use of words and terms.