We will be moving Jane 


New meetup --  Software's Future

A group of software developers with an interest in shaping the future of the software development environment.  

Meeting 1 Slides

Meeting 2 Videos - Slide Presentation   Demo of on-line Form Management System

Meetup 3 Slides -  Database Partitions (divide and conquer)

Meetup 4 - (coming Jan 4, 2018, "finishing software")

Programming -- provide information

Concept Programming - a visual image of what and how information is to be provided

Jane Compiler

Jane Form Management System

Jane's Database

New Product Releases:  All products are 100% JavaScript
  • Jane Compiler,  Jane Operating System compiler runs on top of the standard JavaScript
  • JavaScript  and Obfuscator
  • JavaScript Compiler, turn JavaScript and JC into Window Executables (more systems to come)
  • JC Emulator, secure your code in non-javascript binary p-code, runs on client and server with extended capabilities, one language one development environment

List of Compiler Enhancements


Eliminating Wine Glass Technology  and The Computer Household