Jane - a software development system for the creation of infinite size applications with minimum human involvement.

The source code of Jane: A look inside, all the parts that make up the Jane operating system
  • Parsing the source code, breaking a computer language into its classified parts (keywords, comments, variables, operators, ...)
    I will expand this to handle all popular languages (C++, C#, R, Python, PHP, FORTRAN,...) to permit these languages the same capabilities of Jane Script (run in emulation mode in JavaScript and compile into an executable)
  • Creating the Compiler, defining the language statements and their actions, (browser emulation, .exe emulator, .exe machine code)
  • The Jane Servicedefining actions, as a local service, that run outside of the scope of the browser (access to local hardware and shared resources)
    Direct access to files, databases, servers, programs, and hardware
The Language: JavaScript syntax and capabilities with extensions

Emulation within JavaScript

Compiler - create executables (.exe, .dll, .com )

Scripting Environment

The Environment: A single language for all software development on all hardware
  • Compiled assembler statements
  • P-code for emulation
  • Direct access to the hardware
  • Absolute flow control
  • Network task to task communication
  • Jane Service / proxy server for direct hardware access from the browser
  • Casting: a technology for qualified variables
  • Infinite Continuous (IC): a technology for infinite size information structures
  • Built-in security, hardware, web, file, and database access
  • Reduced documentation, get the human out of the loop
  • Specific programming, the technology to remove generic functions
The Example: Four ways of running a Jane Script, (100% client)
<script src="janeCompiler.js"></script>

var janeScript, program, a;

janeScript = "alert(2 in * 5 ft)";
janeCompiler.eval(janeScript);			// 1) compile and run in the browser
janeCompiler.exe(janeScript);			// 2) compile into an executable (download folder)

program = janeCompiler.compile(janeScript);	// compile into p-code
program.run();					// 3) run p-code
a = JSON.stringify(program.pcode);		// JSON program
janeCompiler.run(a);				// 4) run JSON
Jane Service: A local Jane service for access to local resources tied directly to the Jane Compiler (50% client, 50% service)
  • Direct access to: files, folders, databases, devices, networks, monitors, microphones, GPS, ...
  • Extended modal prompts:  files, folders, fonts, colors, password, yesnocancel, ...
  • Proxy server
  • Custom Windows forms
  • Screen I/O
  • Shared resources
  • Hardware Events
  • Remote Scripts
	a	= file{c:\temp\myData.txt};
	a() 	= "Hello World";