Reducing All Software Development
from man-years to minutes of effort

Changing the foundation for all software development. A few new technologies, and fixing all the old technologies at the compiler, transport, storage and operating system levels to remove the need for human involvement in the software design, development, implementation and execution. Infinite application size, unbreakable, absolute security, and maintainable by a single person is the goal of any software development. The key new technology is having complete access to information in context using the fewest possible words. 

The next evolution in software development?  Getting humans out of the loop whenever possible. The first step is to remove the need for documentation. 

Craftsmanship to be added to software development, a means to improve with experience. The current software development's paradigm is to have one person decide an approach that never changes. The words we use to describe this phenomenon are legacy, deprecated, version, ..., which simply means not good enough. We need to get to a point were it is good enough, to make software development an application not programming.

  • Functions require documentation and are never consistent or finished
  • If it is not in the compiler, a human will have to do it
  • Let the compiler do all that it can
  • If it is in the compiler, then it is: optimal, finished, consistent, and stable
  • One universal name space
  • One compiler for all software development
  • There is no logic that could not be put in the compiler
  • no versions, a system that software versions are non-existent
  • minimum terminology, use the vocabulary known to a third grader

November 2018 Newsletter