NEW: Application Maker (robot maker included)

An English language description of any application: Security, layout, forms, dialogs, resources, database, navigation, content management.  Navigation includes bar menus, popup menus, tree menus, trees, directories.
  • Make Years of Development reduced to Man Months
  • Man Months to Man Weeks
  • Man Weeks to Man Hours
  • Man Hours to Man Minutes
  • Man Minutes to Man Seconds
  • Man Seconds to Involuntary responsive software
Each phase the development of software robots get me closer to my final goal of infinitely large applications with no limitations, zero development time, and no JavaScript or html, no dependencies on operating system, software, or hardware. 
 Software Logic Management
  1. Writing more code does not make for a better software system.
  2. Creation of Logic is a manual process.
  3. Speed of access is the primary objective, but should not exclude access.
  4. The requirements for logic is constantly changing.
  5. All software logic is constructed from five instructions: MOVE, SHIFT, COMPARE, JUMP, and SUBTRACT.
  6. Software Logic cannot be shared.
  7. The domain of Software Logic is the human, hardware, software, and literature needed to complete the task.
  8. A hardware solutions should be considered first.
  9. The science of controlling software development effort by allowing change to facilitate improved systems.

"COMPUTER" a proof of concept for Software Robot development technology
  • Accumulative software development with no limitations
  • Rock solid applications
  • Easy to change software development methodology
  • No programming, simple use of your application's logic
  • Infinite application size
  • Single entry point natural language interface

The objective: results from the least amount of instructions
computer/computer.asp?command=draw 'cube,color:silver-black-white,0:0:0,10:10:10;'

NEW: LIST Software Robot put to use...
Some Free useful lists
in CG2,CSV,JSON,XML,<TR> and <OPTION> formats


FREE   DOWNLOAD   MaverickHex Hex file Viewer (windows)

FREE   DOWNLOAD   Common Ground 2000  (windows)

NEW: WebGL robot

Programming for everybody: Turning Eterms into a few lines of code, share information, capabilities and logic from any application

Introduction Video

I spend 90% to 95% of my development time learning someone else's logic. The concept of Software Robots is to code 100% of the logic into a self contained software module so I do not need to know anything about it's logic to use the function. The following are some software robots that are a proof of concept for this approach:

computer('edit employee Clif Collins'); view Data (first edit)
  computer('edit contact Bob Smith'); view Data (first edit)
computer('list of states as=csv'); Detailed Example...
  computer('count JavaScript Lines in all Robots')  
  computer('count Words in all Robots')  
  computer('count Qualifiers in all Robots')  
computer('edit myTitle')  
  computer('write file','Hello World At ' + new Date())  
  computer('read file (above)')  
computer('webcam capture')  
  computer('netflix button "The King of Kong"')

Data Drive Logic Examples
computer('pdf sample.htm')     sample.htm by PDF robot
computer('treeview treeSample.txt');         
  computer('bar chart of',[23,54,16,78,19,86,72])
  computer('line chart of',[23,54,16,78,19,44,39])
  computer('3D display','polygon,color=blue,3,0:0:0,50:100:0,100:0:0')

Software development with no limits. Produce an infinite number of statements without adding complexity. Program once, use everywhere. Logic: security, I/O, forms, dialogs, schedule, bids,... shared across all applications. Programming that is accumulative and permanent.