The end of  Software Development

Software development with no limits. Produce an infinite number of statements without adding complexity. Program once, use everywhere. Logic: security, I/O, forms, dialogs, schedule, bids,... shared across all applications. Programming that is accumulative and permanent.

  1. Logic
    To have the ability to call upon logic it must have a permanent location, no versioning, complete independence, requires no documentation, and has no limitations

  2. Memory
    To have an infinitely large application there can be no limits on the number of lines of source code, on the database size, or on the size of the data structures. I have removed the limitations on the lines of code in an application, I will now work on removing all limitations on the size of the database and the data structures

  3. Communication
    To remember, recall, and perform there must be a language to call to action


Some technologies that don't help