The next evolution in software development?  Getting humans out of the loop whenever possible. The first step is to remove the need for documentation.

  • Functions require documentation and are never consistent or finished
  • If it is not in the compiler, a human will have to do it
  • Let the compiler do all that it can
  • If it is in the compiler, then it is: optimal, finished, consistent, and stable
  • One universal name space
  • One compiler for all environments
  • There is no logic that could not be put in the compiler

August 2018 Newsletter 

The poetry of programming: Convey the idea in very few words

A = compile;
A.administrator = me; = 'Collins Software'; = bootable A;

An example of a complete application. All knowledge is in the compiler, nothing is "abstract"

   compiler logic extensions:   search    forms    compiler   (in development, target August 2018)