Software development with no limits. An infinite number of statements without crippling complexity. Program once, use everywhere. Logic for security, I/O, forms, dialogs, schedule, bids, queries shared across all applications. Programming that is accumulative and permanent.
  • January 2014: Removed any limitations on application size, by removing data and logic dependencies, and removing the need for human documentation.
    June 2014: Created an expandable, context-sensitive, language for human/computer communication, and for computer/computer communication. This included a dynamic parsing and reduction scheme which permits language extensions.
  • January 2015: Created universal, unlimited, method for storage and retrieval of knowledge, which I term Memory. Unlike current databases and traditional programming language approaches, utilizes an extensible language responsible for all aspects of terms and words, their context, and their relationships. What this means is now a single system can handle all relevant knowledge for an entire country, corporation, subject or topic.
  • April 2015: Max is born. Logic, Memory, and Communication are key aspects of creating a self-sustaining, unlimited, system. A human/computer language removes the technical jargon from the design process and uses human words and contexts to have the computer build logic.

    May 2015: Max alternative to UTF-8/Unicode character representation. An alternative for storage and retrieval of arbitrary size numbers and structures.

The June 2015 Newsletter is available

"Max"  Machine Accessible Intelligence:  A Infinitely Large Application Compiler
A recursive natural language compiler tied directly to the database of all knowledge. A compiler that generates machine code or microcode with full access to any hardware.
Demonstration Software will be available 3rd Quarter 2015.

  • Logic
    To apply logic without constraints, it must have a permanent location, no versioning, complete independence, require no documentation, and have no size limitations.

  • Memory
    For infinitely large applications there can be no limits on source code size, on database size, or on the size of data structures. So, I have removed these limitations.

  • Communication
    Requires a language to command the computer, global knowledge, and an understanding between sll parties on the meaning on the use of words and terms.