Software development with no limits. An infinite number of statements without the crippling complexity. Program once, use everywhere. Programming that is accumulative and permanent.

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16 Week Free JavaScript Programming Course Syllabus

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JavaScript and JScript, Software Development Class starts Sept 8, 2016 for 16 Weeks

Adam a proof of concept: "A machine smarter than man...", "The end of software development"

  • Knowledge based programming: Information and logic using free form natural languages (English, Spanish, Chinese,...)
  • Information: Context sensitive. Context knowledgeable, No limitations, Identically shaped pieces
  • Logic: The subconscious, Independent, infinite size, accumulative, and permanent
  • Reliability: software that can never fail


A Call for a Change to Software Technology

  • One System: independence of hardware
  • Get rid of fixed length binary numbers:  I am ties of number limitations
  • Change the browser Technology:  I prefer using MY hardware, with MY own security, with MY own network traffic
  • Remove the need for "Databases":  I can come up with a system of Select and Sort
  • Browsing is a sub-system:  Primary focus: no advertizing, absolute secure, and read only
  • No Versions
  • No Dependencies
  • No External Changes
  • Infinite Application Size
  • Permanent **
  • Accumulative **
  • Professional Developers