Jane's New Hardware Design


Limitations..., Specifications...,  Licensing..., Patents..., Copyrights..., Proprietarily..., Security..., Embedded logic...

I have come to a realization that Jane must build her own hardware. She must change the very fabric of computer technology.  The problems encountered while trying, and failing, to use the current technology to develop software out weights the cost of just building her own hardware, probably by a factor of ten thousand.

Hardware manufactures are getting on board with hidden specifications and embedded logic, all of which makes it impossible to both develop software and to secure the system. Jane must have complete transparency, hardware access and also be totally secure. All of which is possible and extremely easy to implement with a new hardware design.

Jane's primary mission is to provide the user with complete access to his own information. The first axiom shall be that Jane is the only person allowed access to the hardware. There will be no 3rd party device drivers. Jane will provide one and only one secure access point to and from the system. Internal storage both permanent and derived shall be controlled by Jane and shall not be accessible by any external means.


  • 12 bit hardware Byte
  • Octal bit representation
  • Variable length binary numbers
  • Jane character sets
  • Simplified assembly language
  • Cg3 Data transfer packets
  • Character real numbers
  • Client based security
  • User / Organization active encryption
  • Hardware unit conversion
  • Cg3 Image, Video, and Sound format
  • Natural Language

First thing, remove the units of storage and frequency as being powers of 2 (1KB = 1000 bytes). Remove bit boundaries.