Hardware Characters

A recommendation for an alternate character set. Single cased character set (an A is just an A, "A" and "a" single character index)

The objective is to design a character set  that represents modern globalized information structures. The most important is the character and the font that represents our knowledge.  This is the suggested representation for the character with acknowledgement of how an improved font will advance information representation, and open the path to better software development.

With a 104 character keyboard and only 64 keys being used for software development, there is a lack of support at the most fundamental technology that we use. An improved font will go a long way in the human readability of our characters. Is it a one or a lower case L, is it a zero or an "O".  31 control characters and we only use 3 of them. Unable for our compilers to compare character or number at the hardware level.  The limitation of a blank and white world for software development. The limitation for international sharing of information.  Why is the digital world using characters anyway, might it not be far better to use words. 1=the, 2=a, 3=an, 4=I , 5=me, ... or maybe phrases...  1="Never give up, never surrender!" 2="I pick my battles". With the amount of memory we have available, the basis of our technology should change to take advantage whenever possible.

modified utf-8 machine readable characters

Hardware based character
111b-CDNB,  110x-xxxx, 10xx-xxx, ...

b - 1 = blank

C - 1 = Upper Case, 0 - Lower Case
D - 1 = Display Characteristics follows
N - 1 = nationality index follows
B - 1 = Bold

Display Characteristics

k - 1 = skew angle follows
f - 1 = foreground color index follows
b - 1 = background color index follows
S - 1 = stroke

I - 1 = Italic
O - 1 = Over-line
U - 1 = Under-line

Background-Color-Index  (hardware defined) 
Foreground-Color-Index (hardware defined)
Skew Angle  -90 to +90
Nationality Index (hardware defined)