AdamAn intelligent  computer that responds to natural language

Adam creates a unique secure environment for enterprise wide information. Development of a system uniquely identifies company assets.

One of the unique characteristics of a Adam is that he isolates software development from the limitations of existing technologies.  Adam centralizes the functions of every system permitting absolute control over the processes invisible to the application. Some of the control that can be imposed upon the system include by not limited to encryption, word size, security, and character encoding. So creating an enterprise wide system we could impose custom encryption on key facilities making it impossible by any outside attacker to gain access.  We might wish to impose a 12 bit character set, have a file system with user defined attributes, making this type of system perfect for governments that wish to have absolute control over their own technology.

The design of a Adam is to optimize speed, centralize common functions, and finally have some benefit. To accomplish this the concept of an "application" needed to be redefined. Looking at the "Internet" as an single infinitely large document, we have any number of contributors making up the complete document. Apply this to the concept of a single infinitely large application, I redefined the concept of an application from a single "executable" into an application with parts by many contributors.  I divided the application into smaller parts which work in unison, but are independent and are 100% self contained. Adam's job is to load and execute logic from a single entry point using a natural language interface.

As the internet is a store house of information written by many experts in an infinite number of subjects, and all of the billions of documents are tied together with the <a> tag making the internet one document.   Adam binds all software together to make one large application.

Just as I don't look at a single web pages as being the complete document, I don't look at a single software product as a complete application.