My Really Bad Poetry
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Polar Bear of age

A much loved animal
a creature most casual
a birthday is upon him
he's out for a swim

the seals do worry
he's now in the slurry
approaching most shy
with love in his eye

the boy that is a bear
has combed his hair
wishing for a date
is now on his plate
Grandson's 15th birthday poem, parents call him bear, wife got him a polar bear birthday card. I wrote the poem... They call me "grumpy Clif"

TooToo's Birthday

onto the wind
to which we send
happy birthday tunes
with flowers and balloons

the fishes and birds
have heard the word
that cartwheels in the sand
are much in demand

booboo has struck
and has gone amuck
a poem did write
for your delight
younger sister's birthday poem, every year on her birthday she take a picture of herself doing a cartwheel

Seventy more

it's never too late
so pick up your gate
seventy might seem great
but never to your mate

The children are grown
and have their own
a teacher by trade 
a home you made

the friends are there
parading on the square
marching to a beat
you in the front seat

a birthday is to celebrate
a time to demonstrate
the fulfillment of living
with thoughts of giving

"yes I want more presents"
older Sister's birthday poem

Grandma's Baby

A baby came into the world
like a flower which unfurled
a person named Nelly Jane
into a home which she would reign

it will be up to grandma
without any drama
to spoil the child as her right
with candy, drums, and a kite

Shirt Poor

I was once shirt poor
a lady came and I am no more
she continues to be kind
so now I must decline

for I have no space
in which to embrace
the true and honest generosity 
offered with such ferocity

I am truly thankful
for now shirts are ample
I wish proudly to convey
the shirts are now on display
To a friend for sending me a lot of shirts


penguin toes is celebrating
a birthday in which she is negating
my vision of a child
expert in great big smiles

what is this? she still sings songs
lasting all year long
with a smile on her face
for all to embrace
Granddaughter's 12th birthday card, "penguin toes" was her nick-name she picked for herself (at my request)

tick-tock Jennifer

the evening came late
it was half past eight.

tick-tock jennifer a beautiful soul,
of my charge, it was my goal
to keep her on time 
especially in her prime

tick-tock  jennifer  now forty-seven
I am in heaven, and built a shrine
for tick-tock jennifer was now on time
Daughter's birthday poem.. as you can guess


A friend from down under "aw-soop"
got turned around
up near the ground
was so profound
as to resound
hallelujah! my name is now poos-wa

"Poos-wa is the name I call friends (which is everyone)..., picked this up from a Marine buddy in 1974, I have no idea what it means"

Elephant McDuff

With great big feet 
and mighty ears,
elephant McDuff I wish you to meet

He has no home
but he has no need
for he is my friend, so we let him be

he dances by day
and sleeps at night
for me a joy to watch him play

so take care of him
when I'm not around
my dear friend elephant McDuff

The Birthday Bride

about the bride
the one I pride
she had my heart
from the very start

the moment she was born
it as all trumpets and horns
to celebrate the day
for all to play

she holds her head high
to look you in the eye
it is the truth she speaks
which gives me the creeps

the smile is honey
the laughter most funny
I  honor the ground
on where she is found

she is all a flutter
so I must not utter
her birthday wishes
are for more kisses

what was to be a surprise 
will be my demise
a birthday chore
so i was out the door

to find what she desires
a frying pan she admires
I failed in my quest
I did my best

the pan is missing 
so i give more kissing
some dancing was requested
but i got arrested

the dance was for her
i stood at the door
not a stitch was worn
as when i was born

the law understands
the trouble i will land
if her present is not right
it must be tonight

cozy is the jail
i hope to make bail
the heart does warm
so i weather the storm

if she has a birthday most kind
with me on her mind
then my time does learn
how her happiness to earn

not with things and critters
to make her glitter
but a birthday of joy
from her little cowboy