We will be moving Jane 

List of Compiler Enhancements

Eliminating Wine Glass Technology

The Computer Household

Flow control and Parallel processing

Vertical and Horizontal Partitioning

Image, Sound, Video, Graphics and Networks

New meetup --  Software's Future

A group of software developers with an interest in shaping the future of the software development environment.  

Meetup 1 Slides

Meetup 2 Slides - Slide Presentation  Video -  Demo of on-line Form Management System

Meetup 3 Slides -  Database Partitions (divide and conquer)

Meetup 4 Slides - Finish Software

Meetup 5 - Feb 1, 2018, Jane Demo (Compiler,  Database, Web Server, and Browser as one application)

Programming -- provide information

Concept Programming - a visual image of what and how information is to be provided

Jane Compiler

Jane Form Management System

Jane's Database

no such thing as artificial intelligence

no Unicode characters

New Product Releases:  All products are 100% JavaScript
  • Jane Compiler,  Jane Operating System compiler runs on top of the standard JavaScript
  • JavaScript  and Obfuscator
  • JavaScript Compiler, turn JavaScript and JC into Window Executables (more systems to come)
  • JC Emulator, secure your code in non-javascript binary p-code, runs on client and server with extended capabilities, one language one development environment