Jane - a software development system for the creation of infinite size applications with minimum human involvement.

Airplanes falling out of the sky, cars crash, rockets blow up, failed software projects.  Nothing will change until we fix the foundation of software development. The fix is to add all the intelligence that is possible to our development system. We can not rely upon 70 year old technology to fly our planes, to teach our students, to build our businesses. An ineffective programming paradigm where no actual reliability or accountability is guaranteed for any software development effort.  I started programming August 1975, it seems terrible that nothing has improved. Changes must be made to improve the quality of software.

The source code of the Janeic Language: A peek inside the compiler and all the parts that make up the Jane operating system
  • Compiler Maker, 100% client side compiler maker, defining the language statements and their actions, (browser emulation, .exe emulator, .exe machine code)
    This web page generates the complete compiler from a state / reduction table and their associated JavaScript and C++ source code. The result is JavaScript Code, to produce a JavaScript Emulator than runs in the browser and machine code to create a Windows executable from the compile Jane Language.

  • Parsing the source code, breaking a computer language into its classified parts (keywords, comments, variables, operators, ...)
    I expanded this to handle all popular languages (C++, C#, R, Python, PHP, FORTRAN,...) to permit these languages the same capabilities of Jane Script (run in emulation mode in JavaScript and compile into an executable) I am working on the Jane language, the other languages will follow...
  • Qualified Values,  transportable qualified information and logic. Compress logic into a nested declaration statements.  Extensions to the Jane compiler. AL
  • Robots, fully functional standalone logic units
  • The Jane Servicedefining actions as a local service, that run outside of the scope of the browser (access to local hardware and shared resources) . This is the hard part, the organization and maintenance of thousands of objects, properties and functions. Basically access to all the resources that are attached to your computer (files, devices, database, fonts, networks, security, functions, values, objects, casts, robots, ...) The parsing and compiler are easy, simple programming. This part is the subconscious part of the brain which maintains the intelligence and all of the involuntary processes. This requires programming of unrelated operations in a single orderly fashion.

Compiler Enhancements (446)

Some Outstanding ISSUES

The Language: JavaScript syntax and capabilities with extensions

Emulation within JavaScript

Compiler - create executables (.exe, .dll, .com )

Scripting Environment

The Environment: A single language for all software development on all hardware
  • Compiled assembler statements
  • P-code for emulation
  • Direct access to the hardware
  • Absolute flow control
  • Network task to task communication
  • Jane Service / proxy server for direct hardware access from the browser
  • Casting: a technology for qualified variables
  • Infinite Continuous (IC): a technology for infinite size information structures
  • Built-in security, hardware, web, file, and database access
  • Reduced documentation, get the human out of the loop
  • Specific programming, the technology to remove generic functions
The Example: Four ways of running a Jane Script, (100% client)
<script src="janeCompiler.js"></script>

var janeCompiler, program, a;

janeScript = "alert(2 in * 5 ft)";
janeCompiler.eval(janeScript);			// 1) compile and run in the browser
janeCompiler.exe(janeScript);			// 2) compile into an executable (download folder)

program = janeCompiler.compile(janeScript);	// compile into p-code
program.run();					// 3) run p-code
a = JSON.stringify(program.pcode);		// JSON program
janeCompiler.run(a);				// 4) run JSON
Jane Service: A local Jane service for access to local resources tied directly to the Jane Compiler (50% client, 50% service)
  • Direct access to: files, folders, databases, devices, networks, monitors, microphones, GPS, ...
  • Extended modal prompts:  files, folders, fonts, colors, password, yesnocancel, ...
  • Proxy server
  • Custom Windows forms
  • Screen I/O
  • Shared resources
  • Hardware Events
  • Remote Scripts
	a	= file{c:\temp\myData.txt};
	a() 	= "Hello World";