Jane - an Application Development System (ADS) for the creation of infinite size applications with minimum human involvement

Coming Soon - Jane Application Development System

  • (Jan 24, 2020) Finished the validation of the portability of functions to a Jane service. Now for the exciting part, that of running an application on multiple machines. I hope to have this done in a few weeks. Just took six years to get to this point.
  1. Access variables and functions across machine boundaries in both directions
  2. Send a function and arguments to another machine to execute and receive return arguments
  3. From a Jane service, send functions back to the application to be executed and receive results
  4. Call a function that already resides on a Jane Service (i.e. Prompt for File)

A = localhost's devices.C.folders;

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Programming "Flow Control" Examples asynchronous function calls, exception recovery, two way communication between functions, screen refresh, program pause, waiting for parallel asynchronous operations


Extending Closure capabilities Examples Video


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