You should think of software as if a chef is in the kitchen cooking. Software has the job to hand the chef anything he asks for. The chef asks for a "spatula", it is brought to him. Now extend this to, Doctors, Plumbers, Lawyers, Accountants, Programmers,.... The software does the same thing, the words change, but the action remains the same. The larger the vocabulary the easier it is for the chef to do his job.

June 2019 Newsletter
"Marriage of the Editor to the Compiler" 

Coming in the July Newsletter,
A Change from Software Development to Application Development

Bouncing Ball
"Written in seven languages, Scratch, JavaScript, Java, Python, C++, Assembler, and Jane"

Math equations in programming Jane
The Math Editor Design Specifications

The Cell
Declaration of the only programming structure

Missing from current Compilers (to be added to Jane):
  1. character, boolean and date primitives
  2. single information access method
  3. symbolic math expressions
  4. known symbolic languages (music, dance,...)
  5. variable size numbers
  6. accurate date and time
  7. dynamic fonts
  8. font characteristics (color, style, ...)
  9. managed global name resolution
  10. graphics, videos, images, diagrams, charts
  11. horizontal and vertical partitions
  12. infinite continuous data access
  13. absolute flow control
  14. knowledge of known structures
  15. forms and dialogs
  16. hardware access
  17. network access
  18. database access
  19. application independent structures
  20. transport and storage
  21. complete information access
  22. runtime statement extensions
  23. natural language
  24. version independence
  25. accountability
  26. qualified values
  27. isolation of logic
  28. transportable logic
  29. single language for all development
  30. assembler access
  31. hardware independence
  32. reduction of documentation
  33. common logic
  34. on demand access
  35. soft and hard control characters
  36. readability
  37. fractions
  38. editors
  39. units

Jane - a software development system for the creation of infinite size applications with minimum human involvement.


Finally reducing software development from man-years of effort to minutes. An intelligent computer system that understands.  Now product development can be done quickly, accurately, securely, and robust.  A system designed for:

  • readable code
  • accumulative development
  • not reliant on documentation to program
  • application independent data structures
  • version independent applications
  • absolute minimum coding

A majority of the above capabilities is accomplished with the concept of qualified values.


The source code of the Janeic Language: A peek inside the compiler and a small part of what makes up the Jane development system

Compiler Enhancements (478)

Compiler Maker, 100% client side compiler maker, defining the language statements and their actions, (browser emulation, .exe emulator, .exe machine code. This web page generates the complete compiler from a state / reduction table and their associated JavaScript and C++ source code. The result is JavaScript Code, to produce a JavaScript Emulator than runs in the browser and machine code to create a Windows executable from the compile Jane Language.

  Programming "Flow Control" Examples asynchronous function calls, exception recovery, two way communication between functions, screen refresh, program pause, waiting for parallel asynchronous operations

Extended Closure Examples Video



Some JavaScript Examples

Parsing and Tables Class Examples

Other Class Examples

Source Code
Papers of Interest