Jane - an Application Development System (ADS) for the creation of infinite size applications with minimum human involvement

Alpha Release expected by May  - Jane Application Development System

Natural Language Coding Example:  show the Jane syntax program

Compile "alert('Hello world')". Show the top 10 of the frequency of tokens in descending order. Show the function details. Save to c:/temp/hello world.exe. Show the executable file size. Run the executable. Run the program.

(March 25, 2020) Jane, I look inside at where the system is going.




(March 17, 2020) TextValue, a new technology of a text representation of a variable having all the same characteristics and functionality of the JavaScript datatypes, with one major advantage of being transferable and executable on different hardware and software environments.  It has a very small implementation footprint, about 400 line in c++ and JavaScript, or 700 lines in assembler. Add, Search, Replace, Functions, Prototypes,...
A = {name:'clif'}.Text; alert(A.name); B = [1,2,3].Text; alert(B[0]);

(Jan 27, 2020) Jane compiler opcodes and natural language extensions. In a multi-machine application each compiled operation requires asynchronous access to external functions and values. This video illustrates a few methods to extend the opcodes to allow user define control of the 185 opcodes. It also shows how to use natural language phrases to make the program readable.

Programming "Flow Control" Examples asynchronous function calls, exception recovery, two way communication between functions, screen refresh, program pause, waiting for parallel asynchronous operations


Extending closure capabilities examples video. This video shows how Jane produces the same result as JavaScript. Plus a few of the Jane enhancements.


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