Jane - an Application Development System (ADS) for the creation of infinite size applications with minimum human involvement

Emulation in JavaScript and Compile to Executable (Windows for Now) with a Localhost HTTP service to access to hardware, run Jane scripts, prompts, forms, run executables, reading/writing files, database access... giving your browser access to all your machine's resources... and doing the same for standalone executable.

Finally reducing software development from man-years of effort to minutes. An intelligent computer system that understands.  Now product development can be done quickly, accurately, securely, and robust.  Moving toward Application Development, a system designed for:

  • knowledgeable communication
  • knowledge of how to store, use and transfer information
  • fix all flaws in computer technology
  • readable coding documents (same as our written documents)
  • accumulative application development
  • not reliant on documentation to program
  • application independent data structures (infinite shelf life)
  • version independent applications
  • complete declaration of information
  • absolute minimum coding

A majority of the above capabilities is accomplished with the concept of qualified values

The source code of the Janic Language: A peek inside the compiler and some of the parts that make up the Jane development system

Compiler Enhancements (559)

Compiler Maker, 100% client side compiler maker, defining the language statements and their actions, (browser emulation, .exe emulator, .exe machine code. This web page generates the complete compiler from a state / reduction table and their associated JavaScript and C++ source code. The result is JavaScript Code, to produce a JavaScript Emulator than runs in the browser and machine code to create a Windows executable from the compile Jane Language.

Font Maker (in development) Jane will create her own font library, designed in parallel with the compiler.  I started a graphic editor to input character construction points, centerlines, and shapes. Once the graphics are editable, then I will program the character generator, then characters into font libraries, then finally fonts are used by the editor and the compiler to make the language for Jane.

Jane Service: (not available on my $10/month hosting site) I estimate that 30% of all logic will be distributed. The Jane service will be tied directly to the compiler to perform distributed logic. Access to all: hardware, databases, applications, and to perform "Infinite Continuous" (IC)  logic, buffered access to remote information.  The service is a database, but not in the normal since, but rather tied to the name resolution logic in the compiler.
A = localhost.Employees. and using the IC technology to only load when required,  B = A['Clif Collins'];

Jane Editor: (to be developed, once the font maker is done)   Jane will have a language editor to handle complex document editing. An editor to handle all symbolic languages (alphabets, numbers, punctuation, math, music, diagrams, flowcharts,...) as well as all character styles (color, case, slant, bold,...)  as programming elements. This is to make programs readable and editable, and to have more programming elements. I hate APL, not that direction, but to use symbolic language elements we already know (square root, summation, C sharp, ...).  The source code to Jane will be a document with Math equations, Diagrams, Flowcharts, Music Scores, and other symbolic languages, that are human readable/editable, and compiled.

Programming "Flow Control" Examples asynchronous function calls, exception recovery, two way communication between functions, screen refresh, program pause, waiting for parallel asynchronous operations


Extending Closure capabilities Examples Video





September 2019 Newsletter
Programming Editor

The communication of real world actions gave rise to the world of symbolic languages. Actions that are better communicated in a symbolic language, such as natural language, mathematics, music, logic and process control. Yet we have no compiler that handles any of our symbolic languages except that of our symbolic natural languages (English, French, Latin, ..) . Jane will include an editor to handle the entry and compiling of all symbolic languages that we currently use. 


October 2019 Newsletter
Programming in Context

We spend all our time gathering pieces of information together so we can perform a process on them. The knowledge about the information is "context".  We hard code context into single applications in a way that makes it impossible to convey it to another application. But what if we could convey context, this would change everything. The world of programming as we know it would vanish, and a whole new control of information and what we can accomplish would become limitless...