HTML to PDF client side generator (100% JavaScript) 

Create paginated PDF documents from client or server JavaScript using HTML text. 2D and 3D Graphics, bookmarks, PDF forms, foreign language type-1 fonts, macros, reports. Fast online document generation

CollinsPDF.js JavaScript accepts HTML formatted text and converts it into a paginated PDF Document.
100% JavaScript and can be run on the Client, ASP.NET, Classic ASP, or as a Windows script

100% Client side PDF Generation: Chrome, Safari,  Opera,  FireFox, IE11, Edge

Server Side generation: All Browsers

CollinsPDF.js (build 10)

I'm in the process of converting this to HTML5 capabilities... 35,000 lines, 990 functions
I will also clean the code up, I shoved things together quickly... converted to asynchronous, byte array and other


Using the PDF API Example: Bypass the HTML and create PDF directly from the API Interface (faster when generating complex, large or multiple tables)

Canvas to PDF Live Example: Signature to PDF and such...

Minimum Code

More Live examples:


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