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Resource Management System for Sales and Operations. Taking care of Customers for large, mid-sized and small service companies. We offer a web based solution for your web server, to handle the work related details between you and your customers. Frustrated by business communication failures that waste your time and money? Our web-based ETerms solves costly communication problems that happen too often in complex service operations by managing the job details for every department involved with the Customer.

ETerms is an integrated Price, Bid, Order, and Scheduling web based system to run an efficient and professional service company

ETerms Consists of 128 forms for the management of sales and operations for small to large service companies

Rate Sheets - Maintain Price database for your products, services and equipment costs. Create and deliver customizable Rate Sheets (PDF) unique to each customer, These rates are then tied to the bids and orders for each customer
Bid - Create professional and consistent PDF Bids for your customers with optional cover letter, terms and conditions. Bids are linked to customer Rate Sheet for actuate pricing and margins.  A Man-Hour Worksheet is included to calculate total hours required for a job based on the quantity of selected tasks.
  • Multiple bids to multiple vendors for the same job
  • Multiple pricing options within the same bid
  • Multiple versions of the same bid
  • Simple Bid - a price and description
  • Detailed Bid - list of all products and services required for the job

The PDF document delivered to the customer can contain:

  • Selectable Bid Letters (templates)
  • Detailed Price - Total Price and Price on each item
  • Single Price - Total Price no details, (details for internal use)
  • Simple Price with details, Total Price, all items listed but with no price
  • Multiple Pricing Options (i.e. with / without overtime)

Bids maintain a list of all details on the job, who, what where and how. from who purchased the job, who the job is for, who to contact on the job site, where the job is, who did the walk-thru and when, scope of work, pricing details, special requirements (i.e. plant shutdown may 3rd) and the type of workers and equipment needed to complete the job..

Orders - Build customer orders from scratch or import from awarded Bids. Maintain the complete details of an order. Includes creation of Invoices as PDF documents to be emailed or printed for delivery to the client.
Scheduling - Schedule staff and equipment to service orders. Day/Week/Month views to track all related Job activity. Verify the available of employees and equipment including vacations, sick time, days off, ... Quickly visualize the utilization of your valuable resources. Scheduling is done by crew
  • Schedule by employee (i.e John Smith)
  • Schedule by qualification (i.e. Master Electrician) to be named later. 
  • Verifies Availability of Resources
  • Attach Requirements to the crew (i.e Commercial License to drive lift truck)


  • Day / Week / Month Schedules by department by
    • Employee List
    • Equipment List
    • Work Order List
  • Span work over a day, week, month, or years
  • Any number of Crews assigned to a Work Order
  • Resolution to a quarter hour
  • Overtime Calculator (shows number of hours each employee scheduled)
  • Add / Remove / Reassign resources to an existing crew quickly
  • Quickly change schedule on selected crews by assigning new start time and/or duration with verification of weekends, holidays, vacations and availability of all resources in all crews affected
  • Add operation notes to the crews which are indicated on the schedule

Technicians can Login, or be sent an email, to view his/her weekly schedule with details

Personnel - Track Human Resources including; employee skills, qualifications, safety classes, drug screening, education, licenses, training, and emergency contacts 

Time Cards - Employee Time Card Entry and Management system, reconciliation against scheduled hours, work orders, and company holidays
Vehicle Inventory - Maintain a list of company rolling assets with related dates of purchase, insurance, and license renewal. Track assignment to employees. 
Supporting Systems

On-Line Backup and Recovery System - Create Backup and Recovery of user files and databases to protect yourself from disasters.

User Forms and Command System - Add Integrated user commands and forms to handle custom requirements. Integrated on-line editing and creations of html forms and scripts.

Terminology Customization - Rename the systems buttons and labels to fit your organizations terminology, for example rename the default term "Account Manager" to "Salesman"
Product/Service Files - Maintain the price and cost of your products and services. Integrated in the Rate Sheets, Bids and the Order systems 
Staff Files - Maintain list of Employees, Contractors, departments, privileges, and roles
Customer Files - Maintain Customer database. Customers are organized by Company / Division / Facility. Includes a list of all company contacts, plus work site requirements, and customer related documents.  Maintain maps, documents, accounting details, and holidays for every customer
Reporting - Customize your Reports. A complete reporting system with automatic email distribution.  A new HTML based reporting system allows custom formatting using a familiar technology for all documents provided by the system.  PDF document creations for all Bids, Rate sheets and other documents delivered to your customers as a permanent record
Customer Portal - Your customers can review their bids, schedules and orders online
Database Portal - Batch Read/Write access to the database

Location Maps - Attach a map to each Bid, Order, Employee and Customer.  A quick reference to the general placement of resources and customers within your service area. (Interactive web based mapping)

File Upload - Attach Files to each Customer, Bid, or Order for data sharing and organization. Store files related to a job with the job, drawing files, spreadsheets, emails. Store your own Company's documents for quick access such as, T&C, Safety Tips, and Employee Handbook. The files can be attached to emails when sending Bids, Rate-Sheets and Invoices.
Web Site Integration - Make a seamless integration into your web site. Login directly from your own web page. Change the colors, fonts and display characteristics of the forms to match your site