A Hex File Viewer to inspect the contents of any file



  • Hex, ASCII, Octal, Integer Views
  • Adjustable Cursor Size
  • Search for:
    • String
    • Hex String
    • 1,2,4 Byte Integer
    • 4,8 Floating Point Values
  • Create Multiple Views
  • Structured View, edit script to view formatted contents (see below)
  • Compare the contents of 2 files, highlight differences
  • Color Code (highlight) Specific Byte Values
  • Go to Position
  • Start Counting from 0 or 1
  • Bytes per cell, 1,2,4,8

Structured View permits you to format the file by scripting format statements. A full set of programming statements permit you to loop, branch, and conditionally define a complex structure. By creating a view in the main menu you can structure a piece of a larger file from a starting position for a specified length.

I still have 6 to 12 months of development on this application to perfect the language for external use as a generic format translator. For now, keep it simple, it can produce some excellent results. 


MaverickHex is installed to be listed by Windows Explorer in an "Open With..." operation.