Index of Insights

  1. Programming With Toys
  2. Conditionals
  3. Conditional #include, #function
  4. Conditional #switch, #case, #end
  5. Conditional #for each
  6. Conditionals #compiler (compile time)
  7. Software Engineering - Does it exist?
  8. How to Integrate AI and cloud services?
  9. Changing the Concepts of Compilers
  10. Choosing a Compuer Langauge
  11. Using API/SDK/Libraries
  12. Documenting An Application
  13. A Place For Everything, and Everything In Its Place
  14. Where We Went Wrong
  15. Software Development Issues
  16. What is Software?
  17. Time Consuming Programming "Multiple Entry Points"
  18. Compliable Logic
  19. Classification and Organization of Functions
  20. Programming, Things to Consider
  21. "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus"
  22. What is Perfection in Software Development?
  23. Jane an Infinitely Large Application
  24. Open Source: What a joke
  25. Computer Languages Simplified
  26. How Many Scripts In Programming?
  27. Is AI an application?
  28. Separation of all "Action Requests" From Logic
  29. Required but, Technically Possible yet Practically Impossible
  30. Abbreviated History of Computer Technology
  31. Change for Change Sake
  32. Software Development
  33. Jane's Namespace Specification
  34. Learning How To Write Data Structures and Algorithms
  35. Difference Between System and Application Develpment
  36. Functional Programming
  37. Changing Our Software Development Technology
  38. Programming to Solve Business Problems
  39. AI is Wrong
  40. Removing Ramifications of Software Changes
  41. Picking A Development Language
  42. Skills a Senior Programmer Needs
  43. The Backward World of Programming
  44. Removing Client-Server Technology
  45. Computer versus Human Generated Code
  46. Separation of Knowledge
  47. Software Engineers Do They Exist?
  48. HTML Does Not Work
  49. Why Avail Unit Testing
  50. HTML Is Too Complex
  51. Software Technology is Backwards
  52. Changes Required to our Computer Technology
  53. Wasted Time and Unfinished Logic in Software Development
  54. I AM Not a "Subject Matter Expert"
  55. The End Of Software Development (Accumulative Logic)
  56. Static and Dynamic Logic Macros
  57. To Change Our Technology Requires an Editor
  58. Our Bad Computer Technologies (a small sample)