Maverick Centerline

Windows 2000,XP,Vista,7,8,10

Fast, Efficient, Process an Extreme number of lines and arcs

The original application was over thirty thousand lines. I was able to redesign the program to under one hundred lines of code.

Turn Centerlines into Right-of-ways with / without fillet curves. Process any number of line segments, and any number of input files, extremely fast processing for Tiger line files of complete County wide centerlines.  The majority of the Tiger files take just a few minutes to create right-of-way or edge-of-pavement digital maps of your County. 

Not restricted to just Tiger Line files, you may use your own digitized centerlines and input them using Shape, dwg, dgn, or a Personal Geodatabase as the source document.

Input Centerlines

Expand Centerline

Add Fillet Curves

Add Repeating or Non-Repeating Street Names

Program Capabilities:

  • Centerlines to Right-of-ways with / without fillet curves
  • Fast, Expand Largest Tiger Line file in less than an hour (250,000 line segments)
  • Fillet curves to existing Right-of-way files
  • Merge Line segments based on attribute value, and create an optional street name layer: 1 or more (every X feet) Street Labels 
  • Straight Translation (input format -> output format)
  • Road width may be constant or a database value
  • Process lines and circular arcs and retain their original structure 
  • Select features base on graphical and non-graphical attribute values
  • Apply Geographic Coordinate projections (Lat Long / State Plane / UTM ...)
  • Clip an area to process by rectangle or by polygon
  • View / List / ODBC Table Utilities for all input and output formats
  • Input Formats: Tiger Line Files, Shape, Dwg Version 12, Dgn, Personal Geodatabase
  • Output Formats: shape, dwg, dgn