Software Development

October 2022 Getting the human out of programming
September 2022 Reliability and how to have software maintain itself to ensure absolutely perfect logic integrity
August 2022 Term Based Software Development (TBSD) technology
July 2022 Why do we have to start over?  Throwing out ALL existing software development technologies.
June 2022 The future altered by the changes in the software development technology. The real changes we will see
May 2022 A change in software development technology paradigm, all new, nothing of the old remains
April 2022 Assumptions in programming,  how to eliminate them or can we do nothing
March 2022 Let's really learn how to program, or maybe just what went wrong
February 2022 Dependencies of all kinds, why are they a bad thing
January 2022 Redesigning the disk storage, getting rid of the File / Folder methodology
December 2021 Knowledge Chains
November 2021 Jane Development Overview