Wine Glass Technology
The reality of software development

Software design decisions are based on limitations, restrictions, access, economics, experience and craftsmanship.

As each basic part of software is about to be implemented, the reality of development must be assessed. Does it exist, how, what, where, and the why. The design of the software is always obvious, what isn't obvious are the imposed restrictions placed on design by external forces. Factors such a proprietary systems, limitations, system restrictions, security, numbering systems, lack of standards, bad technology, fragmented technologies, hardware and OS dependencies, cost, time limits, and technical expertise. 

For any of the basic application requirements the design problems are not on the functionality that we need, but rather on the changes to our design to compensate for the reality of implementation.

I call this wine glass technology; the paring down of expectations of our applications based on imposed restrictions.

Jane's primary objective is to remove the restrictions on all the basic features used in software development. A program that runs the same on any operating system without concern during application development, this is an example of a non-wine glass technology.

Jane is to implement all basic features as non-wine glass technology. Once this is accomplished, then we will be free to develop software as it should be: without limitation, without restrictions and with complete freedom to design. With Jane handling all the restrictions, the time to develop software will be reduced from years to a few minutes.

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