• Bouncing Ball
    "Written in nine languages, Scratch, JavaScript, Java, Python, C++Assembler, C#, Visual Basic, and Jane".

    I also wrote a JavaScript emulator of the MIT Scratch application.
  • Memory Structures to Cg2  (Nov 7 2022)
    Jane's moving of memory structures to Cg2 logic examples
  •  JavaScript String Formatting Ruler
    A format utility for JavaScript String object, tab or comma separated values into columns
  •  JavaScript Date prototype functions
    Increment by year, months, days, minutes, and seconds.  Format to Text and randomize date values
  • Common Languages, Parser Examples
    ADA, Assembler X64, Backus-Naur Form, C, C++, C#, COBOL (VAX), CSV, FORTRAN 77 (fixed), FORTRAN 90 (free form), Delphi, HTML, Jane, Java, JavaScript, JSON, Matlab, PHP, Python, SQL, Swift, VHDL, Visual Basic


Some JavaScript Examples

Parsing and Tables Class Examples

Other Class Examples

Source Code
Papers of Interest

Sound Recorderderder
Microphone recording example, (does not work in IE-11)
JavaScript source code, Download as .ogg and and a .wav file.  (Chrome / Firefox only)

PDF - "PDF Reports on the Web"  (I am change to work in node.js)
JavaScript HTML to PDF File Generator. Create PDF reports on an ASP server or on the client side of your web applications

Draw - "WebGL 3D Images without programming"
Web based JavaScript 3D Objects using WebGL

Common Ground 2000 - "Universal Data Exchange Format"
Windows Workstation App, sample program to list and display .CG2 formatted files

HTML Ruler - "An old concept revisited"
An example of a suggested html editor

ETERMS - "Managed Information on the Web"
Web Based Application, Software as a Service, for Large and Small Service Companies an integrated Quotes, Orders, Rate Sheet and Scheduling system

ICMap - GIS Web publishing software - "Facility Mapping on the web"
Designed for large facility Web mapping applications. ICMap is a batch process to create tiled images directly from GIS database files. Build your own web based Land base and Facility Layers to share your corporate GIS database on the web

Maverick Professional - "Database Translations"
Windows Workstation App, A GIS and Non-GIS Database translator, View, List, and Export Utility. The Translator is project based for complete control over the selection of the input and for the assignment to the output features

Maverick Centerline - "Graphic Utility"
Windows Workstation App, Turn Centerlines into Right-of-ways with / without fillet curves. Process any number of line segments, and any number of input files, extremely fast processing for Tiger line files of complete County wide centerlines. The majority of the Tiger files take just a few minutes to create right-of-way or edge-of-pavement digital maps of your County. 

MaverickHex - "File Content Hex Viewer"
Windows Workstation Application, View a File in Hex format

MaverickSnap - "Graphic Utility"
Windows Workstation Application. A Line, Arc, Symbol and Text Snapping utility. An accurate snap and line break utility designed for large scale facility mapping to fix/validate connectivity and for operator cleanup and validation.

CollinsCOGO - "Web Base Cogo Package"
JavaScript to take Coordinate Geometry Statements and create PLAT maps