<== A need for an NEW Web Document Format

HTML is broken, we need an application independent web document format. The amount of application specific logic that has been injected (on purpose) into the placement of text, lines and images has guaranteed that there can only "EVER" be one browser. To this end, I will design a system of web browsers that enable anyone to display, translate, manage, and write their own web browsers. This will kill the monopoly on web content, access, and security. I will leave port 80 as is (maybe), but create a new system to replace the existing client / server technology. We do not need a single purpose technology just to display content and user forms on the web. The work we put into our web content, should be able to be used for more than just one purpose.

We have HTML, PDF, HPGL, RTF, Word, etc; however these are tied to proprietary applications outside of our control. The work we do should be used for multiple purposes. We need a format that is editable (designed for readable and understandable). We should be able to create our own web browsers. HTML is a format designed specifically for the current web browser applications (Chrome, Edge, ...). HTML keeps changing, and is full of the developer's personal logic preferences. HTML has 106 events and 613 display characteristics (styles). However this keeps others from chasing down a moving target (writing their own browser). We need a good simple format to generate Web Pages, PDF Documents, Printouts, Workstation Applications, Math equations, Maps, Physics, Chemistry, and other purposes.

The format below is a rough draft of an application and version independent form generation layout and application manager. HTML is a nested element data structure, which is impossible to edit. The format below is not a nested structure. The structure below separates the form into cells. Content is then placed inside a cell. A cell can be made up of other cells that represent: Rows, Columns, Grids, or Tables of other cells.

The Common Ground 2000 (CG2) format (mine) is designed to be version independent. This format isolates you from the underlying API interface which reduces your work by 90%. The design of a form document is separated into the "cell" locations, and into the content of the cell.

The content of the cell is stored in a database. This permits content, components and web pages to be used by every application. Pages can be created one time or on every use.

Document Control Language (DCL)

Common (chair, tree, city)
Proper Name (Houston, Clif)
Collection (furniture,text)
Abstract (happy, glad)
Related (father, first, hair)

Part of Speech
Part of Speech Name of Title of Location Thing
Comments Web Page Parts of Speech
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