JavaScript Objects

JavaScript Basic Objects

Integer, Number, Text, Boolean, Date, Time, Object, Array, Matrix, Table

Extending JavaScript Objects

Image, Sound, Video, Graphics, Time Series, Network


  1. Point
  2. Line
  3. Polygon
  4. Circle
  5. Text
  6. Annotated Text
  7. Grid
  8. Face
  9. Network



Having worked in all the major mapping systems over the past 50 years, I will take the best idea of each. Information has three basic parts in any system, the attributers, the physical charisterics, and its logic charisterics. Most of the commercial systems containing logical charisterics are no longer viable products, however this does not mean that the knowledge is not required. It simply means the human effort out weights its usefulness. If I can reduce the human effort to zero, then logic networks can become an integral part of any application.

There are different uses of networks, commonly used for electrical systems, and piping systems. The IBM GFIS system for electrical networks used the concept of RUNGS,  and the ESRI network for the OIL and GAS industry uses the concept of Dynamic Segmentation, a modified version of PipeView. 

I will combine both systems into a single "Collapsible Network", and when combined to vertical and horizontal partitions should produce a workable system for any size application.

There are many uses of networks such as "flight control systems", "software programs", and "work order management systems". The term "Collapsible Network" is used to describe a system of collection point nodes that can accumulate values of sub-networks for analysis.   For "Jane" to manage all information, logical information structures must be a fundamental part of her, and therefore it will be implemented at the compiler level.