Language Syntax


Programming... Jane is one language one syntax for everything.


How bad is programming?  "Standards don't we love them, there are so many of them."

The very first thing I want to know about a new language when I start using it, is how do I insert a comment. We have many languages, each developer of a language somehow decides that they will not use anyone else's convention, what a crock.  It is so bad that every major language has a different convention for every use of a language, even though the purpose is identical. Some of the conventions used in a language are not from choice but from lack of programming skill, which makes it doubly bad.

I want Jane to use the the best of the best out of the 50 or 60 common languages and pick a convention most commonly accepted,  then use that convention universally across all domains.

I program in probably 40 of the most common languages. I reference maybe 200 other less common languages. Even in a single language, the variations within it create yet more permutation in syntax. Which relates directly to time and money in development.

for example:  check the syntax of JavaScript, C++, Objective-C, PHP, VHDL, DOS, SQL, FORTRAN, COBOL. These languages all do the same thing, and we might have to use all of them in a single project. And to make things worse, the hardware, vendor, and versions introduce yet even more permutations in syntax and complexity to the project.

We are not programmers, we are assumption guessing wizards, to chase a simple task of "add a comment". Heaven forbid we need to perform a math equation.

So Jane is to have one language syntax, the same: for all purposes, on all hardware, without versions, and only one vendor. Anything short of this is a joke. Yet we know... politics, corruption, greed, and egos, it will fail. All I can do is design such a system for the future. The system must put the rights of the individual ahead of all others.