Do not to use Unicode characters

Looking over the 1.1 million possible Unicode characters, it makes it impossible to actually implement this into an application. Yes I can use someone else's application but I cannot write my own in a realistic amount of time.

I don't believe that Unicode is going to advance technology.  It will hinder development to a point of disaster.  My wife asks me why rectangles appear on her text messages. It's back to the application dependent character sets. Variations in technology is not going to work. It of course helps monopolies, "rely on us, give us 20 years and we will fix it".  It restricts free trade in information technology, which is to their benefit.

To build a character-set that is application independent is the objective. The PDF tried to implement this and it almost worked. They had to fall back on application specific code for the larger font sets  (Chinese, Korean,...).

We tried font encoding,  this actually works, a fairly simple logic, but without support it becomes impossible to implement, due to the lack of tools and structures that should be supplied by the "people" that create the "standards".  The huge failure is just the names that were used "ISO8859-2" , so I suggest simply give known names to the encodings ("Czech",...). I once spent 4 days of my time just to get a customer to find the proper font encoding for their own system.  I am sure they spent 2 weeks, of wasted time, to find something that was a "standard".

Yes Unicode removes the need for encoding, but at what cost? Is this a solution or a Band-Aid.  I feel it is an impossible solution to a complex problem.

Fonts are of course the whole reason that technology is were it is at.  Restrict access to fonts and you restrict information technology.  This of course goes along with, restrict access to the screen and you control the world.

Jane will provide access to the screen and to fonts at the compiler level. This removes the need to use any specific character coding scheme. Once the restriction are removed, information technology can grow.