The Computer Household

A computer system is like a household, a system of organization.  Each person that comes into the house is permitted certain rights and responsibilities.

The current computer systems have everyone living in the same house. Billions of people all trying to organize the environment for their best possible outcome. No one anymore important than anyone else. The first few that arrive however have staked out their territory and claim certain rights.

The first one to take up residence was Mr. Hardware,  he claims the garage, no one else is permitted to park their car, everyone else must find other accommodations.  Mrs. Operating Systems takes claim to the kitchen and the bedroom. She claims the right to tell everyone else where things go.  Fonts are in the bottom drawer and are only touched by her.  Information is in the front hall closet. Whip your feet at the door.

The first few hundred (squatters) have laid claim to every nook and cranny. The remaining billions can, if they know the secret handshake, can request information  from a squatter. The squatter provides the information if it they think it's appropriate, or more precisely, if it's in the squatter's interest to do so. Every squatter will lock up their information so no other person can access it, these are called "proprietary systems":  

"I deposit all my money in a bank, I can make deposits and small withdraws, I cannot withdraw all my money because then I could go to anther bank."

this is the standard for the computer industry. It's not the bank's money...

Jane wants to kick everyone out.  She wants absolute control and have only the owners of the house have complete control and to make it their home.