Software That does not work

Here is a list of software technologies that do not work. I am trying to overcome the limitations of all software technologies. I keep finding more and more software technologies that simply do not work. Here is list of just a few of the more obvious ones. I will give a brief description of why they do not work, but by no stretch of the imagination does it explain why they exist.

It might be easier to list the few things that work, if I can find any.

# Failure Description
1 boolean none, software dependent
2 dates limited range
3 numbers limited range, limited size,  failure prone
4 characters none, software dependent
5 fonts no insertion point, no access
6 images lossy, no transparency
7 videos limited access
8 keyboard 60 of 104 keys used for software development
9 assembler one statement to one hardware instruction, limited access
10 browser read limited
11 browser write none
11 browsers only for document display and ads
12 cascade style sheets un-organizable
13 compilers 99.9% human effort
14 screen no access
15 operating systems restrictive