Jane's C++ Language Extensions


After teaching the subject of pointers in C++ for the Arduino, Visual Studio and GNU compilers I decided that it was a joke. A cruel joke to force an extremely poor programming language on anyone. The concept of pointers is computer science. To have humans artificially decide compile-time logic of addressing schemes is an impossible task. To prove this I decided to write a proper C++ compiler which changes nothing except to remove compile-time addressing of variables. This will eliminate all confusion about C++ pointers, arrays, and objects addressing schemes.

I will allow C++ to be emulated from any browser, and to be compiled to any hardware type. The emulator will use the "Jane Service" to run all of the native Operating System functions.

  1. all variables as run-time pointers
  2. a mutable string object
  3. remove regular expressions
  4. remove the concept of fixed binary byte boundaries