Cast Values and Qualified Values

Software is a request for an action to be performed  on a set of specific information


Information can somethings be a single fact, "Her name is Susan" or a collection of facts "She lives in Houston and has a cat".  The actions that can be performed on any information is limited to all real possible operations. Software can perform only actions that are realistic, and possible for a computer and attached hardware. Application will further reduce the set of actions to an actual set, those that will be cost effective to implement.

A perfect application will know the facts, perform all realistic actions, use known terms, and the process should never change.

I have created two computer language syntaxes to permit the enter of information and action requests. The first is the Cast Value which permits the enter of a single piece of information. The second is the Qualified Value which permits the entry of complex information tied together in an ordered system for a specific set of action requests.