Janic Compiler

The Janic compiler is a multiple environment compiler and emulator.  The objective is to have one language in which to program. Every application can therefore run inside a browser, as a standalone script, and as an executable.  A localhost service is attached to the logged in user to accept compiler hardware requests on port 7710. The Service is to access all hardware and processes using standard compiler syntax.

Running Janic inside a browser permits access to the Jane Localhost Service, better flow control, Units, the existing JavaScript Functions, the DOM model, and the extended statements of Jane.

Changing the compiler environment can be done globally or locally to a given function.

%compiler language = JavaScript or Janic;

  • JavaScript (with Jane extensions)

    • Case sensitive

    • Reserved Keywords

    • Statements are syntax determined

    • local values must be declared

    • stripped out some unnecessary syntax

  • Janic

    • Case insensitive

    • keywords are not reserved

    • all statements are terminated with a semicolon

    • all values are local unless explicitly declared otherwise

    • Order of precedence changed

    • Blanks allowed in variable names

    • compile time type declarations

    • compile time optimization

    • system and cpu operations