Jane - Word Compiler

Very little knowledge can be ascertained from a set of bits.  So does it make since for the computer to think only with binary? If one is to build a more intelligent computer system then it must think in words and in phrases, and possibly in whole sentences. The numbers 72, 101, 108, 108, 111, 32, 87, 111, 114, 108, 100  makes very little since, but the term Hello World does. If someone gave me a set of bits, 01001000,  I could tell you that the 7th and 4th bits are set, that it could represent a number of 72, a number of 18, or the ASCII character "H", but that would be about it. This knowledge is only an assumption.

Jane will  move to hardware defined words and phases with all knowledge stored at the root intelligence of the system.

A (very small) list of knowledge that should be known:

  • Words  (a, the, is, apple, elephant,...)
  • Phrases (business partner,...)
  • Idioms (hit the nail on the head,...)
  • Proper Names (George Washington, Tom Jones, Plato, Newton, Clif, ...)
  • Place Names (Grant's Tomb, City Hall, library...)
  • Boy Names (Sam, Tom, John, ...)
  • Girl Names (Sue, Jane, Mary,...)
  • Chemical Elements (hydrogen, oxygen, gold, silver, ...)
  • ...

Parts of Speech:

  • proper nown
  • common noun
  • collective nown
  • pronown
  • verb
  • adjective
  • adverb
  • preposition
  • conjunction
  • interjection

The Jane editor and compiler will no longer use font character indexes as the fundamental knowledge base, but rather have knowledge of  words, terms, phrases, idioms, punctuation, along with characters.

Besides words, the Jane System is to classify every value as to its use and readability.