Jane - Phrase Technology

The robot language is made of phrases. The compiler will parse phrases and compile the robots based on robot specific language syntax. A phrase is a set of words and values that create a nested logic structure that gives a software robot instructions in which to perform an action with all qualifiers stored as nested objects.

A software robot is a 100% self contained logic unit that resides in a folder or folder like storage unit. Each robot defines the language that it understands which includes any number of language sentences.  A language sentence perform a specific action, then proceeds to the next sentence. Language sentences are grouped into paragraphs, pages, footnotes, chapters, books, and libraries each of which define the hierarchical context for a given action.

  1. Phrase AND Operator: A B C
  2. Phrase OR operator:  A | B | C
  3. Optional:  {...}
  4. Array of: [...]
  5. Subordinate Phrase:  (phrase-name)
  6. # - Numeric Word(s)
  7. * - Any word
  8. ! - Not
  9. $evaluate(...)
  10. $random(AND phrases)
  11. $Abbreviation
  12. $proper name
  13. $file
  14. $hex
  15. $octal
  16. $real
  17. $folder
  18. $url
  19. $address
  20. $date
  21. $email
  22. $phone
  23. $type-name(variable-name) (integer, real, person, text, ...)
  24. $list-name (boy's name, girl's name, surname, state, city, country, dog breed, verb, ...)