Jane Modes

Jane is an infinitely large application to perform computer operations upon request. One of those request is to clone herself with alterations. To create a new complete copy of Jane with modification, removal, and/or addition of capabilities at the statement level.  Security is the restriction and access to capabilities and resources. By removing or modifying capabilities Jane's absolute security is better served. First by not being there, and second by being external to the code. The code itself does not need to check for the obvious. Jane by default has access to all resources, hardware, databases, compilers, operating systems, and knowledge across all technologies. 

By having MODES, Jane can create a copy of herself with limited or altered capabilities, and located on any machine. A new mode could be created for every employee. Each employee could then create new Modes to better suit their own needs.

Modes are created from a table:

Jane Create Mode HR, include only Employee and Accounting Tables, with one record at a time access. Copy the new mode to all HR Employee's Computers. Let me and John Smith in I.T. validate it before processing. Removed the ability to create remote modes.


The above is a ClifCode (Jane) statement which creates the necessary table of Jane instructions to complete the task. This table is both human and computer readable. It can be verified or changed and forwarded to Jane for processing. This paragraph might look a little simple. However you must remember that each Mode can be given the ability to clone itself. The above would be done from a Management Mode, where all the non-essentials have already been removed and/or altered.

Jane has only one required capability, which is to wait for a request, compile it, and then forward it to the proper places. A mode therefore can limit its own language, nationality, vocabulary, technologies, compilers, knowledge base and its own capabilities. So a new mode could:

  • Always default to German, and metric units
  • Be an operating system to run a red light
  • Only inventory building X
  • Change the bit order of a number representation, (randomized, reversed, swapped, ...)
  • Run on a different operating system ( Unix, IBM, Vax, Windows, Arduino, ...)
  • Run on a specific CPU (8080, x86, Arm, Apple, AMD, ...)
  • Change Jane's vocabulary ("Salesman" to "Account Manager")
  • Alter the compilers opcodes (deep security)
  • Change the encryption logic per user (deep security)
  • Log accounting's and operation's processes
  • A Production Mode
  • A Development Mode
  • A Contractor Mode
  • A Training Mode
  • A Testing Mode
  • A Guest Mode
  • ...