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No Image Center-drilling machines are used to drill centers in the ends of blanks. They are sometimes equipped with supports that can cut off the blank before centering, and in such cases they are called center-drilling machines. Gang drilling machines with more than one drill head are used to produce several holes at one time. Multiple-spindle drilling machines feature automation of the work process. Such machines can be assembled from several standardized, self-contained heads with electric motors and reduction gears that rotate the spindle and feed the head. There are one-, two-, and three-sided multiple-spindle drilling machines with vertical, horizontal, and inclined spindles for drilling and tapping. Several dozen such spindles may be mounted on a single machine. Special-purpose drilling machines, on which a limited range of operations is performed, are equipped with various automated devices.

Multiple operations on workpieces are performed by various combination machines. These include one- and two-sided jig boring machines, drilling-tapping machines (usually gang drilling machines with reversible thread-cutting spindles), milling-type drilling machines and drilling-mortising machines used mainly for woodworking, and automatic drilling machines.
Name Age Sex City State
Ron Smith 32 M Nome AK
Harold Jones 65 M St Louis MO
Susan Hargrove 16 F New York NY
Randal Hammond 19 M Boston MA
Inventory Control
Part No. Name Description Units Unit Price
MA-1673-Arc-Weld Semi-Hard Impervious Conductor than contains a layer of copper for bacterial contaminants   532 $12,456
CB-65-LQ-3 Dock support   2,500 $890
CB-65-LG-3 Dock support Green   1,233 $790
CB-65-LB-3 Dock support Blue   1,000 $800
TR-232-RE-2 Lamp, water proof   56 $120
WS-001-EW-1 Wrench, 1/2"   4,500 $15
WS-001-EW-3 Wrench, 5/8"   6,240 $18
WS-001-EW-65 Wrench, 1"   1,230 $23
RF-002-DX-42 Wrench, 1 1/2"   50 $37
RT-003-DC-46 Wrench, 2"   1,230 $45
WQ-004-EW-12 Wrench, 2 1/2"   321 $78
TY-001-QW-01 Pad Lock   563 $11
TU-002-DX-11 Hand Saw 12"   149 $13
ED-0122-GF-34 Hammer 16oz   4,666 $19
RY-332-AS-1 Plyers 10"   567 $4
UW-001-PL-01 Pad Lock, Stainless Steel   356 $122
KJ-0814-GF-31 1/2" Drill, Electric   821 $123
KJ-0814-GF-34 3/4" Drill, Electric   1,922 $167

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Houston, Texas 77055