Jane - Automated Integrity (AI)
A software system to manage software. A system to manage the complexity of software filtering and organization. Just as compilers perform all logic relating to numbers, and databases manage all logic relating to tables, Jane manages all logic relating to software source code.  Just as a database produces a resultant table using SQL, Jane produces a resultant application using natural language.

Jane - Qualifiable Information (QI)
Moving past programming into the realm of intelligent information.  Much of our information languages are programming scripts that fall into the class of being qualifiable.  HTML is a programming script instructing the computer to perform task on text and images.  CNC machine languages are programming scripts.  QI is to merge logic and information into one technology. We have thousands of scripting languages that QI can put inside a single natural language interface.  This will include Math, Music, CNC, Graphics, HTML, Compilers, Physics,  Refinery Automation, Health, Fonts, Games, Mapping, Circuit Board Design, Weather, Traffic, Operating Systems, Device Drivers, Etc.... These scripts can now be classed as programmable information structures.  see Example of CNC

Jane - Software That Reflects Reality
A natural language descriptive computer programming language. "Request what, not how".  Jane is a tool to build tools. A tool to build all other applications, from: bootstraps, operating systems, compilers, editors, accounting systems, flight control systems,  ..., to Hello world.

Jane - Right to Repair and Modify Software
All software is owned by the owner of the hardware that is runs on. This gives the user the right to have absolute access to all source code, information and details in the operation of the hardware.  This includes ownership of all information generated by the hardware as given or derived. No information may leave the hardware or be accessed (i.e. logs, and self diagnosis) except by the owner.  No license agreement can override this right.

Hardware Level Security
What's it all about --- Isolation of the hardware instruction set to each remote machine using hard coded access keys


Jane - What I am working toward -- A programming example using Jane's term based technology and Clifcode



"Opusculator" (My Definition  -- Application using a small literary work as input)
A software program that performs actions from a supplied set of instructions and data structures.  A word to describe a wide class of applications that perform qualified operations on a set of data structures. All inputs are considered "scripts" for convince sake.  Definition of Opuscule (o-pus-cule) Webster's definition -- a small literary work (noun).

Some examples of an Opusculators are:

  1. "Compiler / Assembler" which accepts statements to turn into hardware instructions
  2. "Browser" which accepts statements to display text and images on the screen
  3. "HDL" which accepts statements to design hardware circuits
  4. "Emulator" which accepts low level statements to perform hardware instructions
  5. "Simulator" which accepts qualified information to control software
  6. "Scripting Language"  accepts commands to execute a specific task
  7. "Database" accepts an SQL statement to produce a table
  8. "Jane" accepts commands to produce an application
  9. . . . DOS, JCL, CRON, DCL, CRL, Music, G-Code, Graphics, Games, Movie Scripts, . . .

Jane is to consolidate all of these into one universal Opusculator.


The Current Software Development Technology Does Not Work