Jane - Software That Reflects Reality
A natural language descriptive computer programming language. "Request what, not how".  Jane is a tool to build tools. A tool to build all other applications, from: bootstraps, operating systems, compilers, editors, accounting systems, flight control systems,  ..., to Hello world.

Jane - Right to Repair and Modify Software
All software is owned by the owner of the hardware that is runs on. This gives the user the right to have absolute access to all source code, information and details in the operation of the hardware.  This includes ownership of all information generated by the hardware as given or derived. No information may leave the hardware or be accessed (i.e. logs, and self diagnosis) except by the owner.  No license agreement can override this right.

AI  - Automatic Implementation
Logic generated upon request using known information.  To provide access to all information and logic needed to satisfy the request. Moving away from programming to modeling reality in hardware.

All the technical details of Jane have been removed from this site


Jane - What I am working toward -- A programming example using Jane's term based technology and Clifcode