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POEMS 1 thru 41

To everyone I care about 

May your pebbles of life be small and the wind always blow firmly against your back. Sail straight, vision clear, and be kind to all that you pass.  Never let be it said that you failed to bring joy.  Float forever on the ocean of happiness, and drink from the cup of togetherness.  A priest and a rabbi enter a bar...

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Batter Up

turn the batter toward the sun
his day is nearly done
high into the rafters
for he is a master

children play to learn
batting is what they yearn
catching and running is more required
is what they should desired

fielders, basemen, players all
catch what comes to the wall
throw the man out
without any doubt
Daughters new boyfriend was a professional pitcher, now runs a sports camp for kids and professionals
New Life

she sits by the sea
hand upon her knee
mask upon her face
smiles into space

a time to dream
to plan and scheme
to which she agrees
a life fades into ease
Trucker John

saturday on the road
hauling a huge load
air breaks squealing
hurt his buddies feelings

lyndsey legal to drive
finally john can take five
shuttles to class
assigned now to the lass

jill hopes and dreads
as she lays in bed
the roads be clear
to ease her fears

stay off the lanes
or go by train
keep safe the masses
from those who go to classes
Son driving big rigs for UPS, granddaughter passed her driving test. John is heavy on the break, wakes his co-driver up with loud breaking noise.

Welcome to earth, we from the planet of Zanque 
greet you. On your 16th birthday you will be contacted
by a man in a yellow hat to give you your instructions. 
The fate of the planet is in your hands. I cannot stress 
the importance of your safety. Your mother will teach you
the Zanque language, she will tell you it is Russian,
please play along.   

Your Loyal Servant

My greetings to a new addition to our planet, his mother is Russian. This is #3, not a poem, just a note to a new baby boy
Red Delicious Apples

in my youth on a day 
a red delicious apple to obey
she laughed so sweet
my life was now in defeat

under a bridge i wait
ponder deeply upon my fate
was the taste to remain
i hope but fear only pain

the apple stayed on the plate
a memory in which to cultivate
the day has gone
and life does not go on
Sleeping Beauty, Red Delicious Apples and Dopey
a walk to school

snow on the ground
a chill in the air
daybreak has not been found
the homework seemed unfair

the mind thinks of class
down the hill in the snow
walking on someone's grass
a mile more i must go

english, math, and history
the homework i carry complete
it was all such a mystery
valerie in homeroom is sweet
9th grade, in Ohio

twilight begins to appear
it is that time of year
i stare at the door
we are now at war

the bowl is full of ammunition 
i have consulted the dietician
the orders have come down
i must dress as a clown

the flash of a hundred lights
fills the street this very night
i will stand my ground
hoping to not be found

a knock and laughter 
i must move faster
with fear in my heart
i will do my part

the creatures are hideous 
with smiles most insidious
the single candy directive
i cave, handfuls is my elective
it must be said

goat count is up
drinking from a broken cup
hayrides in the fall
fun and games for all

additions are planned
they will be most grand
change the river's direction
to meet with my projection

i rejoice in my birthday
in a style most grand
i slept through the day
and here i wish to stay
Phil's Birthday Poem, his wife has goats (50 or more) but does not eat them, pets.
Giving Back

with birthday of now
i do not know how
younger do i regress
candles in excess

i do see the light
it is not my right
to steal your fame
much to my shame

i can hope the best
to a daughter most blessed
i sing praise out loud
to the one i am most proud
Jennifer's Birthday Poem

what me but a butterfly
ever so far, taken by wind
to the presents of my love
a slight smile from your lips
do i dare dream

to sway close to you
whispering songs of joy
notice you might
my love acclaim this summer night
Just something for the wife
Garden Nice

how fate plays a twist
i am quit pissed
dorene's plants shine
mine pale in design

her flowers bloom in the sun
tomato harvest for everyone
the hard work does pay
and deserves much praise
Cousin Dorene has a better garden than mine

Battle Plans

i waited in the queue
my faith in santa renewed
hopping up and down
glad i came to town

i can see him now
this will be my cash cow
the list in my hand
oh the things i planned

i asked for roller skates
and got pancakes
the bicycle is no more
i fell to the floor

next year wait until
i will go in for the kill
there is hope still
for i am no daffodil
Niece and nephew going to see Santa


the friendly seahorse jake
arrived at my house at daybreak
wanting to survive the sale
but alias to no avail

the show has been set
tethered to wall as a pet
separated from his mate
her name is happy kate

a sad ending for a noble beast
he will be sold to the northeast
never to see his love
attached to a wall not his dove

Sister's art show


little alice with great big eyes
making santa in disguise
a pumpkin that volunteered
forced to tout glasses and beard

a grade most high she will make
mom will celebrate with chocolate cake
the effort shared we appreciate
a centerpiece most ornate 
Niece's daughter, her first ever class project. A decorated pumpkin turned into santa clause. 


I want little of life
just a good wife
all else is nothing
just need the hugging
she gets up grouchy
i arise most rowdy
a union of rifts
the heaven of gifts
Something for the wife

Dry Goods

four in the morning
everyone in the house snoring
the stores are not yet open
for his task must be unspoken

the friends will soon arrive
tired out from their long drive
smitty prepares the shopping list
something which he cannot resist

i have the doors bolted and locked 
teri has put his car up on blocks
for another run for supplies
will bring tears to our eyes

a mission to stop smitty from escaping
his raid for groceries most amazing
we love the food don't get us wrong
it is just the shelves are not that strong
brother in-law is shopping again...


sister of mother
aunt to my brother
i like her gentle kindness
she is one of gods finest

i love her blackbird story
which she tells with such glory
baby chicks tied to the clothesline
flapping wings in the sun shine

she was but four years old
as told she was good as gold
for my mother the instigator
she but a spectator

five girls growing up on a farm
protected by father from harm
he would wrap them all in bed attire
and carry them all near the fire

grandma's kolaches great
prune and apricot we ate
aunt edith repeats the treat
which are oh so sweet 

fishing stories of uncle pete
had me on the edge of my seat
the fishing had been ghastly
having to eat mullet most nasty

it was always great fun
with cousins to shoot, fish, and run
the visits always ended
with memories most splendid
Aunt Edith's birthday poem, late

Kathy Wakes

slip into the night
footsteps in starlight
the dream was real
true as it could feel

she wakes to a soft hand
pulling her back to land
it was nice in the sky
the view as birds fly

she goes back to sleep
into a slumber so deep
to dream again of flight
the whole twilight
for a friend not feeling twinkly, I hope she feels better (A quiet poem on flying)

The Response

cyrus quickly replies
with murder in his eyes
a critique of my pains
he wants me in chains
Not sure he likes my poems


hand raised, citrus praised, down with uncle buck    it's just my luck
Cyrus, I call Citrus, alias Lemon Drop. I am Great Uncle Buck

Day Two

i can count the days on two fingers
what are fingers, and what are two
i want my mommy
to pat my tummy

i sleep now
two days old

Day One

i was disconnected
this was not expected
from a place so warm
and so i was born

i do not have a name
but i do proclaim
to mommy and daddy
i am your little laddie

nephew's son was born today, karate kid -- poem 11

Day of silence

bethany's birthday is most quiet
she wishes to avoid the riot
for the day is here
so have no fear

we will not say the count
for there is a great amount
she comes out of her retreat
for she is so wonderful and sweet

she holds the age quite well
just as a pearl that eludes the shell
the woman who is a friend to all
and is the darling of the ball

birthday wishes we offer most readily
with hands on paper most steadily
remember friends really do care
for the one who has such flare

make noise quite loud
so we can all be proud
for we will celebrate the day
miss bethany turns four-tay
Niece's Birthday poem


rummpty thaw are goully goo
make craving danny may through
rocko mondo dickidy coo
aspirin whay boy do say
After reading Shelley's To a Skylark. I do like Shelley. His poems have nothing to do with this poem, it just got me thinking...

Alliteration and Imagery,

"Once upon a midnight dreary while I pondered weak and weary" - Poe (Alliteration)
"I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" - Wordsworth (Imagery)

it can be over done. I wanted to try something else... a poem with none, no hidden meaning or twists of words, and yet a poem. I'm not good at it so maybe this is not even a poem, or maybe... I am so good that I wrote a poem that is not a poem. But Imagery and Alliteration, most poems seem to over do it. How are the good one's done? I don't know, less is probably better.

"Clify nifty says be thrifty, to make rhymes shine like dimes"

A Week of Weak

hurt, pain, needles and nurses
thank god no heavenly verses
the surgery when well
but oh what a smell

i wanted to run
before they were done
but the door was locked
and me in my socks

i did become religious
might just be litigious
i do love the pills
for temporary thrills
daughter had minor surgery, with love clif


the farm near the river
i so well remember
a place full of trees
we climbed with such ease

the cousins danced and sang
aunt adeline headed the gang
the hokey-pokey was the one
always a home run

uncle gene was always able
to show the children his stable
horses, fun and strudel
always the whole caboodle

god parents most kind
a nice frame of mind
for family is the sail
that helps along the trail
for my aunt

Peggy's World

a time to relax
play time to the max
the shadows of work have faded
the hills are now invaded

the guests sit by the pool
no thoughts of school
dreaming of life
and time with the wife

they walk along the creek
holding hands and dare not speak
for the holiday has been great
it is getting quite late

peggy has created the place
with love out of lace and grace
it is hard for the guests to leave
a haven so well conceived
sister-in-law has weekend retreats in Wimberley, Texas


a friend most kind
i have on my mind
is oh so sweet
i wish you to meet

the child is gone
danny on the lawn
deer at her feet
it is so neat

christine is perfection
a vision for my refection
a family so kind
to keep me in mind

the years have gone
i lay on my lawn
thinking of the past
wishing they would last

You deserve better

a word said
came out and spread
it makes me red
for what was bled

in my head
there is much to dread
i lay in bed
and feel like lead

Fierce Battle

hunting is the name
deer is the game
i sit for hours
looking at flowers

a sound i hear
it is very near
i envision a buck
but no such luck

it is but a sparrow
i adjust my sombrero
he looks quite mean
and is very lean

so i lower my gun
for the day is done
i prepare the stories
of all my glories
i'm going hunting

The Noisy Christmas

elves in my yard
all with green cards
singing all night long
i hate christmas songs

through the door
pajamas i wore
i plead for peace
to have the noise cease

the elf's high chief
offers me relief
by singing and dancing
without me asking

the reindeer put on a show
dancing in the snow
the elves join in
i relent with a grin

vey! quickly instead
a letter i draft
of all my wishes
for more christmas riches

the elves are now gone
it is nearly dawn
surrounded by my toys
i smile with much joy

Christmas time

Raining sounds outside
sea birds fly silently by    
Jessica sleeping
nephew in Japan, his birthday haiku. Jessica was 4 months old

Karate Kid

there was a home
in a sea of foam
for baby is cooking
and so good-looking

so sing to him
and dance your whim
the time is near
so smile with cheer

be kind to the boy
for he gives such joy
for never will he chop
someone in the throat...

nephew said he would only teach his expectant boy karate, to kill someone by chopping them in the throat...

Polar Bear of age

A much loved animal
a creature most casual
a birthday is upon him
he's out for a swim

the seals do worry
he's now in the slurry
approaching most shy
with love in his eye

the boy that is a bear
has combed his hair
wishing for a date
is now on his plate
Grandson's 15th birthday poem, parents call him bear, wife got him a polar bear birthday card. I wrote the poem... They call me "grumpy Clif"

TooToo's Birthday

onto the wind
to which we send
happy birthday tunes
with flowers and balloons

the fishes and birds
have heard the word
that cartwheels in the sand
are much in demand

booboo has struck
and has gone amuck
a poem did write
for your delight
younger sister's birthday poem, every year on her birthday she take a picture of herself doing a cartwheel, I am booboo

Seventy more

it's never too late
so pick up your gate
seventy might seem great
but never to your mate

The children are grown
and have their own
a teacher by trade
a home you made

the friends are there
parading on the square
marching to a beat
you in the front seat

a birthday is to celebrate
a time to demonstrate
the fulfillment of living
with thoughts of giving

"yes I want more presents"
older Sister's birthday poem

Grandma's Baby

A baby came into the world
like a flower which unfurled
a person named Nelly Jane
into a home which she would reign

it will be up to grandma
without any drama
to spoil the child as her right
with candy, drums, and a kite
friend's mom role as a grandmother

Shirt Poor

I was once shirt poor
a lady came and I am no more
she continues to be kind
so now I must decline

for I have no space
in which to embrace
the true and honest generosity
offered with such ferocity

I am truly thankful
for now shirts are ample
I wish proudly to convey
the shirts are now on display
To a friend for sending me a lot of shirts


penguin toes is celebrating
a birthday in which she is negating
my vision of a child
expert in great big smiles

what is this? she still sings songs
lasting all year long
with a smile on her face
for all to embrace
Granddaughter's 12th birthday card, "penguin toes" was her nick-name she picked for herself (at my request)

tick-tock Jennifer

the evening came late
it was half past eight.

tick-tock jennifer a beautiful soul,
of my charge, it was my goal
to keep her on time
especially in her prime

tick-tock  jennifer  now forty-seven
I am in heaven, and built a shrine
for tick-tock jennifer was now on time
Daughter's birthday poem.. as you can guess


A friend from down under "aw-soop"
got turned around
up near the ground
was so profound
as to resound
hallelujah! my name is now poos-wa

"Poos-wa is the name I call friends (which is everyone)..., picked this up from a Marine buddy in 1974, I have no idea what it means"

Elephant McDuff

With great big feet
and mighty ears,
elephant McDuff I wish you to meet

He has no home
but he has no need
for he is my friend, so we let him be

he dances by day
and sleeps at night
for me a joy to watch him play

so take care of him
when I'm not around
my dear friend elephant McDuff
My first try

The Birthday Bride

about the bride
the one I pride
she had my heart
from the very start

the moment she was born
it as all trumpets and horns
to celebrate the day
for all to play

she holds her head high
to look you in the eye
it is the truth she speaks
which gives me the creeps

the smile is honey
the laughter most funny
I  honor the ground
on where she is found

she is all a flutter
so I must not utter
her birthday wishes
are for more kisses

what was to be a surprise
will be my demise
a birthday chore
so i was out the door

to find what she desires
a frying pan she admires
I failed in my quest
I did my best

the pan is missing
so i give more kissing
some dancing was requested
but i got arrested

the dance was for her
i stood at the door
not a stitch was worn
as when i was born

the law understands
the trouble i will land
if her present is not right
it must be tonight

cozy is the jail
i hope to make bail
the heart does warm
so i weather the storm

if she has a birthday most kind
with me on her mind
then my time does learn
how her happiness to earn

not with things and critters
to make her glitter
but a birthday of joy
from her little cowboy
My wife's birthday poem