ICMap Application Screens
Generating 12 tiled facility overlay maps for the City of Houston's Emergency Response example. This example displays the City of Houston's (fake) facilities that must have coordination from multiple locations. Facilities that are blinking are not functioning. This application is used during a storm. Each user logs in and can manage facilities for everyone to tract. There is a 10 second delay on any change.

Preview of generated ICMap application:

Image Layers definitions:

Create any number of facilities each with unique content for any of the 20 tiling levels.

Tiling Scheme:

Create 1 to 20 tiling levels. This example created 8 levels.

Project properties:


Define basic map properties.

Target Tiled Image database

Set published target database parameters

Support Libraries used in Image generation
  • Scripts - Edit all system and user defined JavaScripts
  • Symbols - System defined symbol library
  • Colors - Color Lookup Tables
  • Icons - Library of user defined icons to place on map
  • Line Styles - User define complex line styles
  • Patterns - System and User define fill patterns
  • Gradients - Color fill gradients

  • Export Attributes to HTML

    Publish map / database attributes to a set of html pages

    Graphic Display Utility

    A utility to view source maps and attributes

    Attribute List Utility

    A utility to view source attribute tables