Mar 2020
April 2020 Issue
Collins Software's Newsletter
May 2020
Issue #1
Tech Monopolies:
Seem to be in the news. I fear it is not the correct use of an old instrument to level out business practices when it comes to tech companies. I think it is not right to target a group of corporations for doing business as one is expected to do business. The problem is far worse in the reality of where we are going which is the loss of our freedom and personal rights. 
Logic Difficulty Scale (LDS)
It is hard to judge the difficulty of a software application. There are many current approaches that judge the software level of difficulty by looking at the type of statements, and on the number of paths within a application. These methods only calculate the complexity of software based on the skill of the developer and on the number of lines of code. We need a realistic scale that can determined the level of difficulty before the application is built.

The proposal for a Logic Scale should be based on the education level of the human needed to create an application and not on the complexity of the hardware instructions.

Cameras into the soul:
Your thoughts and words should not be pried upon by anyone, and used against you. Companies have the right to do whatever they wish to make money. Our motto is "Do whatever it takes to open the wallet"

We tax, water, air, gas, tobacco, land, income, property, liquor, and now our thoughts. What we can tax we will tax. "Give me liberty or give me better software"

"My pride fell with my fortunes." -- William Shakespeare

"Someday I want to be rich. Some people get so rich they lose all respect for humanity. That's how rich I want to be." -- Rita Rudner

"Work like you don't need the money. Dance like no one is watching. And love like you've never been hurt." -- Mark Twain

"In my country, I have only three laws: 1. The beer is free 2. The women are naked,  3. No bogarting" -- Clif

"Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves" -- Abraham Lincoln

"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened." -- Winston Churchill


We Must Change our Technology:
We need to quit writing software for the computer. We must realize that it requires a human to make sure every statement is correct. The computer cannot do this. With our current technology a human is unable to validate even the simplest of code.

We must made coding understandable by the human. We must be able have a complete understanding of the code and have 100% confidence that what we read will be done as expected. Therefore it must be readable, and what is read must have the full context of its meaning, much more so than any other style of writing.

If you think otherwise, then try an write a few lines of code without a debugger. I typed it in, it's one line of stupid code, and I still do not know exactly what will happen. As I add more lines, a gigantic program of ten lines. It might take 4 hours to validate it to a point that I am 90% confidant that it will work as I expect.

There are many reasons for this, the most common causes are not having complete context, and not having support in writing code. Our knowledge and our logic to do something with that knowledge are located in different places. To make things worst, we only have one set of logic for any knowledge we do possess. The task is to then have knowledge and then have the ability to do whatever we want with it.

Therefore to have the logic available, at our command, to perform as we expect using what we already know, with the fewest possible words.

Picture Copyrights:
Pictures should not be copyrighted.  If anything the mountain and trees should be have ownership of their images, not someone who PUSHED a button. There is no WORK, or intellectual effort in taking a picture. Not to the extent that the law provides them.

The internet is our new form of communication. If we are forced to always create, at the individual level, to say or show what someone else said or has shown us, we are no longer free communicate, but are taxed for every word and image.

We must revise the rules set forth in the "Copyright Act of 1790".  If technology were free to expand, then we could progress to a point that we would be free to communicate, it a way that both parties have complete understanding. The current laws restrict communication to a point that we cannot trust anything.  I have two family members that have been hurt by false internet communication (that I know of). It is far too easy to hide intent with our current laws and technology. 


STALLED technology:
I have been bothered for many years about our font technology. It never occurred to me that THIS is our primary cause for our crappy software. How can this be?

I watched Dr. Irving Finkel, "Cracking Ancient Codes" (YouTube)  Which describes the different Cuneiform writing systems. Which is the basis for most of our symbolic pictures. A review of the history of our writing systems shows how it has changed over the three or four thousands of years into what we have today.

Our Computer Writing System, created in 1868 (the typewriter)  1844 (Morse code)  with no change for 152 years. We cannot have progress is we cannot change our symbolic languages. We are not allowed at the individual level to change our symbolic language, due to the Supreme Court's copyright decisions on "Programs" and "Type Faces".  Much like the middle ages' Church rules.

Jane will make FONTS a primary capability of every program. This will only go so far. We must also remove the copyright laws on images and programs, relating to our digital stick that push grooves into our digital clay  blocks.  We cannot go on this way, having to PAY for our MUD, STICKS and governed to only use the PICTURES handled down by god...

Luckily Software Sucks:
But what happens when it no longer sucks. We are currently looking at the very fringe of technology slavery.  We should fear the future, for it will destroy us. Not by weapons but by being controlled. When I first conceived the concept of Jane, I feared the results of my own invention. It depends on who controls software. When it is a company just after money, I do not worry much. When it is controlled by a government then I start to worry.

We could just let software suck. Or we make software so powerful that it cannot be corrupted. This is my thinking for Jane. Make it so open and unrestricted that each individual has absolute control over of his/her computing systems. Every device, from the phone, refrigerator, to the clock on the wall. This includes all hardware components and all hardware instructions.

Author: Clif Collins
Houston, Texas
April 1, 2020