Jane - Automatic Application Build System
A software system to create and manage the software development process. Jane is a system to manage the complexity of software filtering and organization. Just as compilers perform all logic relating to numbers, and databases manage all logic relating to tables, Jane manages all logic relating to software source code and information structures. Just as a database produces a resultant table using SQL, Jane produces a resultant application using natural language: "Save me a javascript compiler with c++ data structures, randomize the opcodes, that produces an x86 executable, named jsx86"

Here are some videos of Jane's internal logic. I went down a dead end technology path using the Dragon Book's compiler logic. I am rewriting the complete Jane project, changing the compiler to use a hybrid LR/Syntax approach, which will be demonstrated in future videos, to be out soon. My new approach will permit an infinite number of statements by eliminating keywords, where our current compiler technology only supports about twelve statements. The last video is on "Eterms" which was a project done using our current technology.

Making Jane Smart

(Dec 28, 2022)

Qualified Structures Demo

(UPDATED Nov 8, 2022)

Jane's Computer Knowledge

(Oct 2, 2022)

Jane's Flow Control

(Feb 7, 2020)

The Jane System

(Mar 25, 2020)

Jane's Opcodes

(Jan 27, 2020)

Jane's Text Values

(Mar 17, 2020)

Software Development is done wrong

(Aug 25, 2022)

Eterms: A Service Company's Pricing, Bidding, Scheduling, and Operations Management System