Jane - A Natural Language Software Development System
A computer system to create and manage the application development process. Jane is designed to handle an infinite number of compiler statements, both designed by Jane as a convince for common computer capabilities and statements created by the user. Jane also handles all current compilers (i.e. C#, JavaScript, PHP, COLBOL, FORTRAN, Pascal,...) along with scripting languages (i.e. html, dos, shell scripts,...). These languages allow you to tell Jane to perform actions using an infinite number of logic units.

The foundation of Jane is the concept of: "forward compatibility of all data structures and logic". What this means is that data structures never has logic dependencies, and logic never has data structure dependencies. The overall effect is that all digital information, whether binary, scripts or documents will always be accessible by all applications. Forward compatibility also means that application and data structures can always be enhanced.  At no time can an application make an assumption, either in the existence of information or in the context of logic.

Context is everything, which is, to give people specific information they need to perform their job.  Jane's primary objective is to create a unique application context for every individual.

The History of Software Development

Videos of Jane's internal logic and design choices

Where do I put it, What do I call it,
Where did I put it, What did I call It,
and How do I do this?
(March 22, 2023)

Jane - Overview
(Mar 1, 2023)

Intelligent Source Code
(Feb 25, 2023)

Computer Software

(Just make it work)
(Feb 14, 2023)

Intellegent Name Space

(Feb 6, 2023)

Making Jane Smart

(Dec 28, 2022)

Qualified Structures Demo

(Nov 8, 2022)

Jane's Computer Knowledge

(Oct 2, 2022)

Jane's Flow Control

(Feb 7, 2020)

The Jane System

(Mar 25, 2020)

Jane's Opcodes

(Jan 27, 2020)

Jane's Text Values

(Mar 17, 2020)

Other Videos:

Software Development is done wrong

(Aug 25, 2022)

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