<P> Paragraph Tag (not recommended)
<LI> Outline <OL> and Bulleted List <UL> parents
<BR> Line Break
<DIV> BOX - Full Width of Parent
<SPAN> BOX - Width of Content
<CENTER> Center content
<BLOCKQUOTE> Tab Over content
<TABLE> Rows and Columns
<FIELDSET> Box to Group Data Input Fields
<HR> Hard Return, A Line the full width of parent
&nbsp; A Blank
<PRE> List as Text (show blanks, tabs and line feeds)
<XMP> List as HTML (html example block)
<A> Address Hyperlink
<INPUT> text, checkbox, radio, submit, file
<SELECT> Drop down List
<IMG> Image
<BUTTON> Button
<CANVAS> Graphics drawing box
<IFRAME> Include another Web Page
<FRAMESET> Multiple Documents
   s {padding-left:40px; text-decoration:none; }