HTML Setup

<!DOCTYPE html> Declare page as HTML5
<HTML> Begin HTML Page
<HEAD> Begin Header section
<LINK rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="my.css"> Include an external cascade style sheet (CSS)
<TITLE>page name</TITLE> Page name displayed on the browser's tab
   body { Background-color: lightsteelblue; }
Define a cascade style sheet (CSS)
<SCRIPT src=myFirst.js></SCRIPT> Include external JavaScript
     function myClick()
             alert('Hello world');
Include JavaScript
</HEAD> Terminate the Header Section
<BODY> Begin the Web Page
           --- TODO--  add your HTML here ---- Web page content
</BODY> Terminate the Document
</HTML> Terminate the Page

This is the basic HTML page setup.  At a minimum, none of this is required (i.e. an empty file will display a blank page)

The <HEAD> </HEAD>  section contains HTML supporting tags (not shown on the screen)

The <BODY> </BODY> section contains your HTML text and images (what's on the screen)

Tags <tagName>  generally define a start and end to a section. The <BR> and <LINK> tags do not have a closing tag.