ICMap (Infinite Continuous Map)

Windows NT/2000/vista/7/XP Application GIS Web Publishing Software.
Create Dynamic Web Based Mapping Applications. Deploy on a web server, or as a stand-alone CD-ROM for field use.


Getting Started

Example 1
A Common Operational Picture (COP) to dynamic change and track the status of the water and waste water facilities from multiple locations for the City of Houston Operations during heavy rains and hurricanes. More

Desktop GIS Mapping Web Publisher (windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7, 8, 10) Create multiple scale tiled database of images and image maps that can be viewed on the web.

A batch process for creating tiled image structures with full control over the display characteristics at each level.

Designed to create large scale web based facility mapping application. If you need a corporate landbase and facility layers in a web application ICMap is the first tool you will need. It is a tool that generates a set of complex tiled images and web related files in a batch project controlled process.  You can reduce your cost of development, and the cost of any dependent database requirements by simply creating all the GIS and Web structures required using ICMap.

Creates Transparent GIF/PNG files that can be overlaid to produce composite images, creates Hotspots from graphic features (Lines, Polygons, Symbols and Text) for Hyperlinks with hover hints.  The result is a GIS Web site that is composed of static images viewed as an infinite continuous map at multiple scales.

ICMap comes with the JavaScript for the Pan and Zoom capacities this makes creating your GIS Web site easy to setup and requires no server software. 

Images can be viewed three ways:

  1. Simple images
  2. Supplied java scripts as an infinite view with pan/zoom capabilities
  3. Supplied ICMap Image Server to request a clipped composite image of a specific area.
  • 1 to 20 map scales
  • Index maps 
  • Overlay maps and Hotspots
  • Set display characteristics for each map scale
  • Infinite Continuous JavaScript Code 
  • ICMap Image Server, to return a single image of multiple layers at a point, this removes all client side requirements
  • 22 Coordinate Projections, including State Plane and UTM -- NAD27, NAD83, Google-Mercator
  • Use Google-Maps, and Virtual Earth as layers
  • Database Attributes and Graphics
  • Link in External Databases (Oracle, Access,...)
  • Create non-mapping HTML pages to reference
  • Each Level of each Layer can be unique
  • Layers are composite from multiple source maps
  • Database and graphic selection criteria
  • Create graphics from user input
  • No Programming Required
Display Characteristics:

  • Color Tables
  • Symbol Library
  • Icon Library
  • Line Styles
  • Text Labeling
  • Highway Shields
  • Graphical Attribute join to an Access Database
  • Attribute selection criteria
Input Formats:

  • Access (*.mdb)
  • Arc/Info Coverages
  • AutoCAD Drawing files - version 12 (*.dwg)
  • Comma Separated Values (CSV) Files
  • Common Ground 2000 (*.cg2)
  • dBase Files (*.dbf)
  • Design Files (Version 7) (*.dgn)
  • DXF Files (All versions) (*.dxf)
  • Excel (*.xls)
  • Geodatabase (*.mdb)
  • Shape Files (*.shp)
  • SDTS (*.ddf)
  • Tiger Line Files (*.rt*)

A view utility is included for the viewing and printing of all of the supported input formats. This package is self contained and requires no other software products.